Nintendo Wii U FAQ V1.0 ~*READ BEFORE POSTING!*~

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User Info: pedrovay2004

5 years ago#121
It has been confirmed that the Wii U WILL have Friend Codes, but they will be simplified compared to the original Wii's system.

User Info: GorillaGamsMN

5 years ago#122
you can have 12 accounts on your console at once when you create an account the miiverse will generate a code you add your name (if its not taken) to the code. no one knows the code and when you tell your friends to search for your name the miiverse will find your code attached to it. simple and fricken freeeeeee dude.

User Info: Professional_

5 years ago#123
good sticky

User Info: The Waynos Bum

The Waynos Bum
5 years ago#124
I hope we will soon find out when Nintendo plans on telling the world release dates of this toy for each region.
Anyone have an educated guess when we might get this information?
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User Info: necronic969

5 years ago#125
Too late i already posted

User Info: madcow_spike

5 years ago#126
Thanks this is the first i've learned anything about the new nintendo. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#127
A recap of what the Nintendo Network and Miiverse offer

Free Online Services
Weekly Discounts
Online Shop containing Virtual Console (including GCN titles), Indy, Freeware and Full Retail Titles
Cross Platform Communication with 3DS, PC, Smartphones and Tablets (at later date)
Video Chat with friends
Account System that connects 3DS eshop and Wii U eshop
Message Boards and messaging system
Achievements (will be posted on Miiverse, not mandatory)
Multiple Levels of Security*
Web Browser w/flash support, private browsing, on controller keyboard
Multimedia services including Netflix, HULU, Youtube, and Amazon
in-game access to Miiverse and Browser
Wifi Connection
Things NOT included are as follows.
Twitter of Facebook Apps**
Current Friend Code System
Multi Touch
Ethernet Port
Things hinted at.
Future services with a price (Basic service will remain free)
Full Retail Eshop Games won't be cheaper

*There are four levels of security. Parental Controls, Content Filter, Community, Human Review. Human review will never happen if the post passes the Content Filter, however, if a user is constantly reported by the Community they may be subject to automatic Human Review.

**Twitter and Facebook apps will not be implemented, and as such you can not 'Link' them for automatic updates. This does not mean you can't access the websites through the browser.


Also, Iwata has stated that the main focus of the Wii U is to "establish a trusting relationship with third party developers". This is what was done on the 3DS and Iwata claims that he wants to "further improve the situation with the Wii U".
------(Not to be confused with the Wii's "They will come on their own" quote)

Eshop Purchase options
*Directly from eShop via Credit/Debit Card
*Via purchase code you receive or purchase from someone***
*By Pre-paid download cards aquired via retailer

***Perhaps this is a hint at being able to resell digital titles?

Lastly, Iwata has currently stated that they are not concerned with being most powerful next gen, as has been stated before, and that they believe being first on the market will not give them an advantage. He says that price will be the most determined factor for success for this new console, which correlates with his previous statements that consumers shall be pleased with the price and it will not sell for a loss (the 3DSXL will also sell at profit).

The price and release date of the console will be revealed in Fall.
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User Info: Hyrulearnia

4 years ago#128
I wonder why no one posts in this any more.
Prince Shondronai posted...
I've been on GameFAQs for a long time. I don't find anything ridiculous anymore.

User Info: kaygee12

4 years ago#129
^ i did
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User Info: DrRM

4 years ago#130
129 is too ugly

130 is more cute :3
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