you guys are depressing

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User Info: Big_Isaac

6 years ago#1
you know, with all this stupid hate and bashing, this board has turned completely to ****

we haven't even seen a single solid screenshot of a real WiiU game so far, yet people already **** and moan about everything they can

I know, people will just say "haters gonna hate," but why are you accepting this as an excuse? it's just sad, people!
this board was such a nice place before the announcement, but now people swam the it to complain about a system that WAS ANNOUNCED FOUR DAYS AGO and is MORE THAN A YEAR AWAY FORM RELEASE

we've seen NOTHING of the freaking thing and even the devs say that everything is still pretty vague
even freaking Miyamoto himself doesn't know some of the specifics yet
waiting for Golden Sun 3DS
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User Info: so64

6 years ago#2
It's a mixture of a post-E3 depression with a bit of realistic concerns. I wouldn't worry too much about this board, it will probably stabilize in a month or so. True discussions will probably be possible then.
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User Info: mx7blue

6 years ago#3
Well people accept it because it's part of gamefaqs. Just like insects are part of our world, no need to get depressed.

User Info: AgostaNeverDies

6 years ago#4
They shouldn't have announced it so early if they had "nothing" to show with it. Oh great, it has a new controller where you can only use one per system, and we have been receiving mixed messages from devs that it's the same power as current gen systems, while others say it's "a generational leap". It's been said already it will have no centralized online infrastructure. So, unless they have a plan to fix and elaborate on what we know nothing about, it looks like it's on a shaky path into a brick wall.
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User Info: coldwine

6 years ago#5
People have the right to express themselves, positive and negative, about a new console which will cost hundreds of dollars.

If things are so depressing here, you can always read TV Guide or Anne of Green Gables.
"Life is a mistake that only art can correct" - from Passing Strange

User Info: DJ_Karmic

6 years ago#6
while others say it's "a generational leap"

Of course it's a "generational leap", the Wii U supports Direct X 11, as opposed to Direct X 9 like the PS3 and 360. It'll be at least five "graphic card generations" ahead of the 360 and PS3.

Sadly hates will hate on everything. They want it to have a 20-core CPU and 8-card SLI along with 32 gb of RAM. and even then they would complain.
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User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#7
Geez you act as if a board is suppose to be used only for saying "I CAN'T WAIT DAY 1 BUY GUYS!!! NINTENDO SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY". I don't want to hate on Nintendo because I really want them to release a console that succeeds but I do not agree with this new controller idea and the graphics from the tech demos were simply not that impressive. Maybe they will blow us out of the water with a game that fully uses the Wii U's power.... I have my doubts though.... They really needed to make a very powerful system this time... Even though the Wii was the weakest this console generation it was a big improvement over the PS2/xbox/gamecube. This seems more like a Wii HD with a horrible controller idea.

Hopefully Nintendo makes the right choices though. If they just release a proper controller that doesn't rely on any gimmick and support it then I will mostly be fine with the console and probably get it. They can still have their motion control shovelware and all that because that turns them a profit with the casual audience.

User Info: Endgame

6 years ago#8
we've seen NOTHING of the freaking thing
that's part of the problem

Nintendo didn't even announce a ****ing 1st party game (read: what most people who buy Nintendo consoles care about) for it
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