so what IF PS4 and Xbox720 "dwarf" WiiU in terms of power?

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User Info: Jenslyn87

6 years ago#41

Big_Isaac posted...
I agree that Nintendo is somewhat guilty of not coming up with new franchises. however, the difference between Ninty and Sony is that Nintendo's 1st party franchises are legendary

when people think of games, they think of Mario. there's NOTHING that even comes close to Mairo's, Zelda's or Pickachu's fame. sure, there's Tetris, Pong and Pacman, but those aren't owned by anyone

Sony doesn't have a single iconic character except for MAYBE Kratos, but his gaming series is over and done.
both Sony and MS simply don't have the history that Nintendo has and therefore have to pump out new IPs on a more rapid rate. they HAVE to, otherwise, they'd run out of games

in most zeda and mario games, you fight ganon(dorf) or Bowser, but what does it matter?
compare SM64 and SMG2
both have Bowser as the main boss, but they play absolutely nothing alike because he doesn't have an established "fighting ****" outside of throwing fire balls
they could have replaced him with someone else, but it wouldn't have changed anything. it would only have alienated fans, so why bother?

Great post, and I very much agree. You can't fault Nintendo for not reinventing the wheel in terms of franchises when Mario, Zelda and Pokemon are still being ripped off the shelves... I'm sort of biased because Zelda is my favorite series, but I'd personally hate it if Nintendo decided the divert their efforts between even more franchises. I love the current ones :-)

User Info: darkbringer3d

6 years ago#42
I love when people say nintendo rehash they never bring up metroid, a series that is constantly changing and evolving. And mario and zelda do the same, just to a lesser degree. The only big nintendo franchise you can say rehashes is pokemon, but would you want to risk the one series that rivals CoD in sales?
Also, they are now trying to find new colors by accelerating crayons with the LHC.- Megaman Omega
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