What is it you wanted from Nintendo's new console?

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User Info: Waluigi1

6 years ago#1
There is so much hate going around for the Wii U, I thought I would just ask what everyone else was hoping for from Nintendo regarding their new console?
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User Info: powblock1983

6 years ago#2
All I wanted was a Nintendo console with no gimmicks.
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User Info: Nineteen99

6 years ago#3
I remember there was a lot of hate for the Wii as well, not to mention the DS.

I was expecting some kind of new tech, innovative (read: different) control schemes than we've seen before, and the typical casual Nintendo aesthetics. Really, the Wii U is exactly what I expected to happen. In fact, if they came out with a PS360-style controller, I would have been surprised.

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User Info: CPUX

6 years ago#4
Epic games.
Yet to see.
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User Info: playboydojo

6 years ago#5
A proper controller. I haven't felt good about a NIntendo controller since the SNES controller.

A good controller is really my only beef with the console.
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User Info: y000012500

6 years ago#6
There wasn't hate for the DS. At least not any more than other consoles. The DS actually managed to put out at least 10 good games a year, if not more. (Maybe an exaggeration, but the point still stands)

Anyways, I was just expecting an HD console with some sort of gimmick. Then, I was expecting a great console to play FSA on after the first trailer. Then Nintendo came back to their usual disappointing selves.

User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#7
powblock1983 posted...
All I wanted was a Nintendo console with no gimmicks.

I agree but add third party support as well which they seem to be doing with this console hopefully. Traditional controls is what gamers actually want. Oh and I guess proper online support which they seem to be working on. And also since this is a whole new console I am paying for I want a lot better graphics than the 360/ps3 and not just slightly better unless the price is properly adjusted.

User Info: YoyokuKO

6 years ago#8
a game that'll take me through emotions and feel actual sympathy, not just an understanding

User Info: GeneStarwind

6 years ago#9
I dont really see this controller as a "gimmick" tho. It's not like the Wii where motion control was supposed to be the "norm" of the control scheme. Here we have a controller with a touch screen in the middle of it. There are a ton of possibilties with this.
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