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User Info: JombieJthm

6 years ago#21
SexPantherPanda posted...
Good lord what a awful fanboy topic.

You can't deny the awfulness of the dual-analog for a first person shooter.

GeneStarwind posted...
No, please no... I LOVE Nintendo but the whole motion control thing was tried and didnt really catch on too much. Don't force the devs to try to do it again.

Well, I'd at least like the option of using the Wiimote, especially for a first person shooter.
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User Info: GeneStarwind

6 years ago#22
Yea I guess that could work. Give the option to change controls from stick/slider aiming to wiimote.
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User Info: SexPantherPanda

6 years ago#23
I mean you just had E3 which didn't even show the new console the controller and you're talking about the wii mote that can't be a good sign.

User Info: TediousMatt

6 years ago#24
SexPantherPanda posted...
I mean you just had E3 which didn't even show the new console the controller and you're talking about the wii mote that can't be a good sign.

Half the footage included Wii remotes. Do you expect us to apply selective mind bleach?
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User Info: blue_rellik

6 years ago#25
I dont like Wii remote FPS. It´s the turning, it completely sucks, no matter how much you can set the dead zone. The Wii pointer controls are better used for the shooting gallery type, present in rail shooters. Not even all rail shooters, for those that have movement allied to aiming (like Omega Boost and StarFox) or camera turning (Rez), I find single analog action better.
They need to figure out a way for us to move the camera while the aiming reticule is fixed in the center. Tilting the remote in place could be a solution, needing a button press to simulate what we do with a PC mouse: lifting it in order to further turn in a direction.

User Info: lp913

6 years ago#26
Glad someone brought this topic up. NOW third party developers have no excuse not to use the old Wiimote/Nunchuck scheme for future FPS since Nintendo finally has the graphics power and the online capabilities to back it up. Wii U gamers will actually have the best of both worlds now, whether its traditional or IR pointer set up, looking forward to it!!!!!
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User Info: FenderMaster

6 years ago#27
considering the touch screen, theres nothing stopping them from introiducing DS style fps controls, i.e. as close to mouse and keyboard as you could get without a mouse and keyboard. I didn't find Metroid Prime Hunters very coomfortable to play, or all that fun tbh, but theres no denying the accuracy of the controls. And with 2 shoulder buttons on each side maybe we wont have to double tap to jump...
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