choose: quallity vs. quantity (controller related)

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User Info: darkjedilink

6 years ago#11
Solowooper posted...
From: darkjedilink | #009
You think Nintendo is willing to trade a great launch with strong sales for two or three years for the possibility of strong sales four years from now? If so, not only do you need econ courses, but business ones, too.
Oh I think the console would still sell well either way, I just put it into terms of the scenario you have given me. The console is still a work in progress, with no official dates there isn't even a way to really 'delay' it. And they wouldn't have to scrap everything just to incorporate a few extra controllers.

They'd need a new graphica processor and main processor to stream to multiple controllers and minimize lag. No lag would require a substantial upgrade, and Bluetooth may not be able to handle it, so they'd have to upgrade the wireless protocol. That's three things scrapped. They'd have to test these things and make a new dev kit to give out so games already in progress can be tested and changed.

Do you really think this won't significantly increase the price of the console? I guarantee we wouldn't see the system in 2012,
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User Info: elheber

6 years ago#12
TC, that decision is up to the developers. Or at least it would be if there was the ability to use multiple tablets. If they want to make a game that uses one tablet and focus all processing power on it, they can. Or if they want to split the processing power on streaming sub-HD video to two-four tablets, they can. So long as the developer can make this decision for their own game, I'd be ecstatic.

With that said, I understand how much bandwidth would be required to stream uncompressed (low latency) video to four screens. So I'd be content even if the console could only stream to a maximum of two tablets.

Moreover, I want the console to support more than two gamepads EVEN if it can't stream to all of them at the same time. All they need is a very simple CPU and a bit of RAM, and the gamepad would be able to render simple menu/inventory/map/radar screens itself without any streaming.

One tablet controller with streaming = Unhappy
Up to two tablet controllers with video streaming = Happy
Up to four tablet controllers without video streaming = Happy

EDIT: Whoa, whoa! I just read some of the above posts. Nintendo would NOT need to increase the graphical prowess of the Wii U to support streaming to multiple gamepads. That's like saying the PS3 would have needed more power to handle 4-player split-screen. And even if the Wii U was made more powerful, it would still render a single screen better than it would render multiple.

It's like the logic of some people that wanted the 3DS to be twice as powerful so that rendering in 3D would not cut the framerate in half. It's absurd.
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