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User Info: no2morro

6 years ago#11
DarkZV2Beta posted...
That's funny because the only consoles I've had from sony that broke excessively are the PSX and PSP.
I remember the initial PS2 launch models being really flimsy though.
Also, the half-dome design on the PS3 does absorb impacts better than the alternative designs.

Well, for me, the lasers went out on my PSone, and three of my PS2s. In all honesty though, ability to take punishment isn't soemthing I consider when buying a console. I buy based on how well it targets me. Sony's been pretty good at, I've owned pretty much everything they've done. I bought a 360 too...I'm still watching Nintendo carefully though, for reasons I mentioned in an earlier post.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

6 years ago#12
Eh, I guess it's pretty unfair to judge my PS2 by it's laser, since I always run off the HDD just to prevent the laser from wearing out.
I'm on my second dying PSX though. It has to warm up before it can boot a game properly without freezing, and then it loads super slow the whole way through. :(
Still beats my PSP, which randomly cuts power to the screen.
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User Info: Steel_Shadows

6 years ago#13
Nintendo has my attention again, which they had lost for the past 67 years

Awesome typo is awesome.

As for disc format, they're not using Blu-Ray, but a proprietary format that holds the same amount of space as a Blu-Ray disc.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

6 years ago#14
no2morro... I"m not saying there's less to load for the Wii U. I'm merely saying that, Nintendo's 1st party games won't have very long load times. If games like Uncharted 2 can be some of the best looking games around with a decent scale and almost no noticeable loading times (aside from the initial one), then that proves 1 thing: Most developers are horrible when it comes to optimizing load times.

Nintendo games have always had their load times fairly well to really well optimized. Nintendo is also known for polishing their games like no other. While I can't say the same of most 3rd parties, you can expect the Nintendo 1st party games for the Wii U to not be riddled with horrible loading times.
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User Info: no2morro

6 years ago#15
actually, I'm pretty sure uncharted 2 needed a 2-3gb install. Pretty much everything now needs it...a lot of that has to do with the slow read speed of the bluray drive (its like 1-2x). I think the DVD drive in a 360 actually can obtain more megabytes off the disc per second than the PS3 can, so thats one of the other reasons why installs have become so important.

EDIT - Just on the point above...I honestly can't think of a recent game which hasn't made me sit through an install. I have a tonne of games too. Vanquish needed it, LA Noire need it, Killzone 3 needed it, Yakuza 3 and 4 need it, White Knight 1 and 2 needed it.

I think only Gran Turismo 5 didn't need it if we are talking recent games, but if you recall, people were complaining about 40 second track loads for races (I didn't think it was that bad...but that is what I read) particular MGS4 had mandatory 4gb installs PER chapter. Again, that should say something about the significance of an internal HDD for a console. Without it, people used to moan about how noisy the 360 used to be (admitedly it is - sounded like a jumbo).

Anyway, the details aren't finalized, but I think Nintendo would be crazy not to include at least a 200gb HDD. They are pretty cheap now, and for some of the reasons outlined here and above, they are kind of a requirement. Let's not forget about drive wear and tear too...playing ONLY from the disc causes major issues for the laser, why do that if you don't need to?
See how funny it is, when your kid ain't got no father,
played a little too much, now you're afloat in the harbor - NAS

User Info: no2morro

6 years ago#16
Steel_Shadows posted...
Nintendo has my attention again, which they had lost for the past 67 years

Awesome typo is awesome.

LOL! Yeah, definite typo. I put down 7, and then I went to put 6-7, and I went to delete -7 and forgot the 7.

Anyway, it hasn't been 67 years, I had a GBA clam shell and I used to hang out at my friends' houses when I was young JUST to play NES and SNES (awesome fun). The DS and Wii lost me though...I'm hoping the Wii can grab me, but I'm on the fence right now (I don't want to be a hater on it, but I don't want to lavish praise on it either - I'm just watching right now)
See how funny it is, when your kid ain't got no father,
played a little too much, now you're afloat in the harbor - NAS

User Info: leeko_link

6 years ago#17
Wow the controller is almost as big as the console.

User Info: midgar

6 years ago#18
Looks like an old external CDr and a digital picture frame decided to hang out or something.
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User Info: BlackPhoenix127

6 years ago#19
youngoli posted...

I also wish they would make it out of Nintendium again. I miss the days of invincible Gamecubes.

It's gonna be white, they're really trying to connect with the wii since it sold like hot cakes. I can see them staying that way too since it's backwards compatible and we will still probably be using the wiimotes a good bit.

Hellz yeah about the nintendium. Anyone remember the damage test they did with the last gen consoles. The dropped them from I think a 3 story building.

Xbox = exploded in to a million pieces

PS2 = broke, I think it could turn on.

Gamecube = a few scratches. Played perfectly.

Nintendo should design body armor for our troops!
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