Everything about the WiiU that's different from PS360 is casual and bad

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User Info: midgar

6 years ago#11
The terms casual and hardcore are laughable to me. It's subjective. I've yet to find a solid,
relative definition of what 'hardcore' really is, for that matter. It's all silly. Honestly, in terms
of games, I haven't found anything I consider "hardcore" in over 4 generations, so whatever.

some of us also hate the 360 and PS3, and believe that they represent another side of
the spectrum that is also responsible for the decay of the video game industry (in terms of
quality, yes, I know video games are no longer considered a thing just for kids and nerds)

I don't know if you can argue against the "quality" of the PS360 more than you can the Wii.
Though it's not Ninty's fault, the Wii probably got a heck of a lot more garbage for gamers
to sift through to get a good experience, than on the other 2 systems. That's just IMO, though.

Personally, I think if it's successful, it can only be a good thing for the industry. Not always
for the creative or innovative side, but for the financial. Whether it be the Wii, or yes... even
titles like CoD, if it succeeds then it can only be a good thing. Besides, it's not Sony or MS
that decide what game is going to sell 25 bazillion copies, gamers do. We're just as
responsible, because what we buy dictates what we'll see (as a majority) in the future.
"The key to happiness is disinterest mingled with mild contempt."
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User Info: midgar

6 years ago#12
martyoytram posted...
Waluigi1 posted...
FPS's are played by more "casuals" than all the so called casual games are played by "casuals".

I agree with this. In my mind there's "hardcore" i.e., "ZOMG BLUD AND BOOBIES!!! SOO COOOL!!! LOL MARYO IZ 4 BAYBIEZZZ!!!"

And there's hardcore. i.e., "I enjoy a wide selection of games, and I don't care if you think some are for babies."

And then there's "hardcore" that's all about challenge and difficulty, for that matter.
"The key to happiness is disinterest mingled with mild contempt."
Better living through apathy. If you're into that sort of thing.

User Info: AceMos

6 years ago#13
i generly find nintedo first party games more dificult than FPS's and such

in a new mario game what was true and usefull for levels in the last installment will not do u any good in the new 1 as it has a hole new seting with new tricks to master

in a FPS its all the same aim and shoot from 1 game to the next
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User Info: BlackPhoenix127

6 years ago#14
smashmaster1111 posted...
If you "hate" 360 and PS3 then you can't deny that you are a fanboy. By "hating" these consoles you have missed out on some really good games this gen...

Who said anything at all about hating PS3 and 360? Check my sig bro. I love PS3. I think it's an awesome system. I play it all the time. But I also like Nintendo just as much. What I like most about Nintendo is that they are offering something that I don't get on PS3 or 360.
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User Info: ugoo18

6 years ago#15
TC pretty much got everything right but you missed out 1 big thing.

Nintendo automatically means the console is weak. 0_0 Zelda at 1080p wait that's on a Nintendo console therefore it must be 720p because Nintendo consoles are to weak for 1080p and because random website a watched random bad/average quality stream b and came up with 'stats' based on that.

User Info: cvmckenzie

6 years ago#16
Hardcore games as I understand them DO NOT hold your hand with tutorials, nav-points,
regenerating health, endless continues and all that. The Hardcore game expects you to
have some fortitude, skill and a sense of adventure.

Casual games, as I understand them DO hold your hand with tutorials, nav-points
regenerating health, endless continues and all that. The Casual game expects you to
be a whiney little b**** whenever you're challenged and also have a Gfaqs account to
register your discontent and ask for help when something starts to prove you're not as '
hardcore' as you pretend to be.

That being said, I really do prefer casual games, as I game for fun and that's pretty much it.

It'd still be nice if the hardcore crowds got more attention than they do, though.
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User Info: OzymandiasIV

6 years ago#17
I certainly lol'd, but this, unfortunately, will do nothing.
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User Info: jademied

6 years ago#18
Theres a lot of stupid in here. The wii was casual because of the amount of party games it had and not really taking it self seriously. The online was a joke for 98% of the games(can only think of 3 that have a good one) and the third party games were almost non existant. Its easy to say the ps3 and xbox 360 have only fps but I can give you a list of 10 games that 9 of them are not fps that are coming this year and the next that look great. Thats not counting the ones already releassed. The motion controlers are not that great in any system but the wii is mandatory, graphics that are barely better to a ps2, most of the game are of bad quality and the friend codes ARE A BAD IDEA. The 80% of the GOOD games on the wii are from nintendo and that should tell you something. What was your point? Anyway I think this wii u is actually trying to fix the mistakes of the wii soo I will be following this console close. It seems quite promising.
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User Info: Perascamin

6 years ago#19
Online FPS is more casual than anything.

People camping, holding power weapons while camping, using power ups while camping, and having everyone on a team camp in the same area thats hard to throw a grenade or otherwise into.
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User Info: WOLFCAT22

6 years ago#20
Maybe this needs to be sticky'd. We all know that PS360 fanboys are going to try to troll some more in the future.
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