If there's no Star Fox on this system, I will cry manly tears.

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  3. If there's no Star Fox on this system, I will cry manly tears.

User Info: chaomaster4000

6 years ago#31
KirbyWithAGun posted...
I have to agree with the on foot stuff gets repititive... The reason though is they make you do to much. The second level, they literally ask you to kill like 5 monsters with ridiculous amount of bad guys on the way. Its cool at first but gets old very quickly. This is my opinion, but I say they need to perhaps try to be similar to metroid in a way when it comes to on foot stuff. Instead of FPS or side scrolling, it be like 3rd person shooting.

I dunno, I through the on-foot sections were pretty decent, except for the problem with how easy it was to fall off a ledge and how difficult it was to go in a straight line (only mattered when trying to get up one of the tripod-like structures on the Corneria stage in MP, IIRC). I wouldn't mind them in a similar style with more fluid controls on Wii U, but there needs to be a focus on on-rails Arwing levels, rather than on-foot dominating most of the game (y hallo thar Assault).

slugboss posted...
I'd probably freak out if a huge slippy face appeared on my wii U pad and was whining at me to do stuff while playing...

The screen could always be used as a cockpit view as well as radio transmitter, but I'm not sure how useful a cockpit view would be.
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User Info: Boo Destroyer

Boo Destroyer
6 years ago#33
Problem is, Nintendo doesn't know what to do with this series.

They claim to be so bloody proud of it, yet don't make another real effort at it themselves.

User Info: Auzzie_Wingman

6 years ago#34
Considering that a new Starfox would end up on the Wii U, I wouldn't be surprised if it was like Command. I mean, a game like that could utilise the touchscreen very well.

But the more I think about it, I wouldn't mind having it all in the one game. Not a compilation or whatever, but a new game that has it all. Nintendo said they want to cater to everyone, then I wouldn't be too shocked if their games have all that people want of the series.

Even if it's stupid, costs heaps of money to produce, and takes years of development, I wouldn't mind a Starfox that was onrails/adventure/assault/command/whateverotherkickasstricktheypulloutnext
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User Info: danwoodsv1

6 years ago#35
Men don't cry. Men WEEP!!!
A: Bollocks! and B:... Well there isn't a B becuase the A was so great!
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  3. If there's no Star Fox on this system, I will cry manly tears.

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