Who is going to buy two consoles next generation?

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User Info: niels200683

6 years ago#51
Nintendo console as soon as available (up to and including the DS, I always waited until a new, non-ported zelda game was available - but broke this tradition with the 3DS if you don't see TP as a port and plan to keep this tradition broken)

I'll get another console as soon as more than 50 games are on there that I want, that aren't available on the console I already have.

PS1 and PS2 were just shy of that 50 mark, so I never had them.

PS3 hit that mark pretty soon this gen, though - and allowed me to get the PS1 games I missed during that gen as well. (European, so the extremely rare ps2 emulation system is extremely rare, and doesn't emulate a lot of ps2 games properly anyway).

I can see the PS Vita getting enough games for me to warrant a purchase as well.
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User Info: sebetai

6 years ago#52
I prefer Nintendo and Sony as my home consoles. Nintendo as my Hand Held (waiting for the PSP 3000 to drop to $50). I don't plan to get any Microsoft consoles but i do love Windows and am using windows XP. I used to use 98 until 2009, yes 2009. It died after about 8+ years. About a month before i got my new computer for graduating school so that was cool.
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