Will anybody wait to buy Wii U until Smash Bros comes out?

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User Info: king_mike77

6 years ago#21
Bro, Nintendo and Sakurai confirmed that the new SSB isn't going to start development until the new Kid Icarus is complete.

Not only that, but Sakurai also said that getting a team together could also take some time.

So that should mean that they won't start making the game until around the beginning of 2012 at earliest.

Now, not only are they making a SSB game for the Wii U, but they're also making one for the 3DS, that means 2 games at once.

This means that the new SSB game won't be coming out until 2015-2016, or maybe even 2017 if we're unlucky.

Will you be able to wait that long until you get your hands on the Wii U, just so that you can play one game? If so, more power to you, but I sure can't/won't.

User Info: guedesbrawl

6 years ago#22
probably not.depends on how long it will take for it to appear

after skipping the games drough on the wii thnaks for a late purchase,i'll be doing the same with 3ds and wiiu,and so,i'll get a 3ds before the wiiU.
in fact,i might get the 3ds around the begining of 2013,so the wiiU should be around the half of 2014 or at least before the year ends
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User Info: Omega_Black

6 years ago#23
and douches don't buy them all to sell on Ebay at ridiculous prices (reality check - you are helping nobody but yourself, and are hurting everyone but yourself, so you have no right to do it)


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That, gentle poster, is reality.
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User Info: HomstarRunner

6 years ago#24
blundermine posted...
CyborgCthulhu posted...
Nintendo ruined Smash Bros with Brawl. Just like a majority of their franchises on the Wii.

Ya, I have how Nintendo ruins things by improving them

I wouldn't say "ruined", but the only Nintendo series that really saw one of it's best releases on the Wii is Mario with the SMG games.
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User Info: Double_Dipper

6 years ago#25
I will wait to buy a Wii-U until i've read and watched reviews of the 1st party titles, i used to buy Nintendo games under the impression that they had to be good. Lately this hasn't been the case.
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