So what VC GameCube games are YOU going to download?

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User Info: bluesplus1

6 years ago#21
Depending on the price, I might buy:

Luigi's Mansion
Pikmin 2
Baten Kaitos 1+2
Custom Robo
Gotcha Force

Any other game that I can think of that's cheaper on VC than Amazon/ebay.

Honestly, if Nintendo charged $20 per GCN game, I'd never buy from VC unless the game in question is impossible to find.
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User Info: The Rob

The Rob
6 years ago#22
Eternal Darkness because my copy randomly DREs. For real, I mean, not sanity effect.
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User Info: Solis

6 years ago#23
Thats because either the controller improved definitely (not indefinitely) to allow BC with it, or they simply just used the old controller, like with the wii. You wouldnt be able to play GC games at all with the WM + NC, nor will you with its other controls, which were specifically made to play old games, yet still you couldnt play GC with it. So your explanation isnt really valid, until something unexpected of the like happens, which would be a first with the wiiU.

A majority of the systems that have allowed for backwards compatibility have had controllers that lacked functionality compared to the earlier systems, including the non-centering control stick on the Atari 5200, non-analog buttons on the Xbox 360 controller, and no rumble on the original Playstation 3 controller. A handful of Mega Drive games were also incompatible with the Genesis controller when played on that system, but it still had the option for backwards compatibility.

Fun fact: The Wii remote and Nunchuk have the same number of inputs as the Gamecube controller does: 8 buttons, 1 D-pad, and 2 analog interfaces (with the Wii remote's IR pointer substituting for the second Gamecube analog stick). Same with the Classic Controller (which actually has one more button than the Gamecube controller did). You can even play Gamecube games with a Wii remote/nunchuk or classic controller on a PC emulator, so clearly it's not impossible for those games to be converted in some way to a new controller method.

Even in an absolute worst case scenario, using a USB controller adaptor for Gamecube controllers is far from a difficult solution. But the real issue is simply that Nintendo doesn't seem to have an interest in offering Gamecube compatibility due to the lack of marketability for that feature.
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User Info: darkjedilink

6 years ago#24
If they offer it, I will get:

MGS: Twin Snakes
Tales of Symphonia
Skies of Arcadia: Legends
Rogue Squadron 2 & 3 (and Rogue Squadron 1 if they got it on N64 VC)
Custom Robo
Batallion Wars
and maybe Star Fox Adventures for my wife (she really liked that crap for some reason)

I absolutely WON'T get the abomination that is WindWaker, though.
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User Info: XD375

6 years ago#25
Current Classic Controllers don't have analog shoulder buttons, so they'd have to release a new controller if they want certain GameCube games to work properly. Super Mario Sunshine comes to mind.

User Info: bigsteve39

6 years ago#26
I don't need to, I kept my GC games, as I enjoyed that generation of games more than any other, just today I've finished another playthrough of Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance.

User Info: RevolutionV

6 years ago#27
I thought that the Wii U is going to have a tiny HDD or flash memory, if that's the case, you won't be seeing any big ports. Also, without GC controller support, GC games will not play the same.

User Info: ZombiePikmin

6 years ago#28
None of them...Because it's not happening...

User Info: Brilliant_R

6 years ago#29
Apparently Wind Waker and Air Ride are two great games that I missed out on, so I'd get those.
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