Posting this rumor of PS4 because someone else will

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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#1

I sincerely doubt this rumor, but I figure it will get here sooner rather than later.

User Info: brixton_mouse

6 years ago#2
I posted something about ps4 720
And my post got deleted

Anyway interesting for gamers.

User Info: kaiserzero61

6 years ago#3
''The planned shipment volume of PS4 in 2012 is at least 20 million units, the sources indicated.''

So they haven't really showed off the thing, like at all, and they're planning to ship out that much.
Seems like a hoax.

''featuring body movement-based control like Kinect''

I guess Sony wasn't content with ripping off the Wiimote, so it was time to rip off Microsoft.
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User Info: Auzzie_Wingman

6 years ago#4
Except Jack Tretton already said Sony has 'no need' to make a PS4 anytme soon.

It's going to be at least 2 years before they unveil it.
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User Info: ugoo18

6 years ago#5
"Kinect Style Controls"

If that turns out to be true then

User Info: shadow_571

6 years ago#6
"featuring body movement-based control like Kinect"

I hope this is a hoax, or I'm going to be a handheld only gamer next gen.
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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#7
Bumping just because it was posted here prior to the IGN article referencing the article linked in my post.

By the by, I kind of hope the PS4 comes out next year and already have that many consoles made ready for release. If they are, they are dumping a lot of money to put consoles in warehouses, and if you look at track records, no new console launch year sold anywhere close to even 10 million making their debt just linger that much longer on the shelves. Also, the early release would be them jumping the gun to support one tech or another, so they will not have the opportunity to wait and see what is successful or not with the U. Based on the rumor, I find the idea of this company running a few more years in the red to be hilarious and wonder how does Japan handle bankrupt companies Seriously, the console will either be expensive because it has the latest tech and will be sold at a loss but still being not very affordable or it will be last year tech just like the U and will alienate their fans by this move while also giving no reason to move to the new system.

Why I think it is completely bogus is that a move like this would have been started by the last guy in charge of Sony, and he was prepping 3D support through new PS3 models. He was the one that pushed tech through consoles and justified the blu-ray in the PS3 and helped push two techs at the same time, HD and blu-ray. Unless a motion based system similar to the Kinect will also have some sort of brand new feature related to an upcoming tech then I doubt Sony would have given it the green light.

User Info: ZimbabweBob

6 years ago#8
I'll believe it when i see it ( or at least see Sony confirming). I highly doubt that Sony will release a new console before 2014.
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User Info: Crazyhax

6 years ago#9
Sony ensured us that this generation would be much longer for them, around 10 years they said. We're not even half way through that yet.
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User Info: CPUX

6 years ago#10
This better be fakesauce.

Or else.

Someone is gonna be...uncomfortable.
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