We've all done it.

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User Info: cysthebIitz

6 years ago#1
We've all brainstormed ideas for what we could do with the Wii U controller. How to implement them into our favorite games and such. Let's share our ideas just for fun! :D

My idea is to have the Wii U controller screen as the sticky camera view from a Splinter Cell game.
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User Info: psychoboo13

6 years ago#2
This sounds lame and obvious, but a CoD game where the entire HUD was on the screen, with extra information such as the amount of kills until your next killstreak.
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User Info: CPUX

6 years ago#3
You lose!


Storms off playing imaginary Pokemon MMO on Wii U
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User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

6 years ago#4
Thought of that already. Yeesh.

Jokes aside...weapon quick selection for the briefcase for Resident Evil 4 HD
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User Info: cysthebIitz

6 years ago#5
CPUX posted...
You lose!


Storms off playing imaginary Pokemon MMO on Wii U

I always wanted that. :( one day, my friend, one day...
"Today, I killed my best friend" 3DS FC 1504-5692-6282

User Info: CloudStrife630

6 years ago#6
Like I've said before. Pokemon Snap would be perfect for this system. You use the controller as your camera. You can hold it vertically to take pictures or turn it 90 degrees to get a to get longer vertical shot. Your got your zoom in and zoom out in the back. Press the L or R for taking the snapshot. Maybe "R" can take the picture and "L" could be if you need a flash for dark areas. Just an idea. :D

User Info: 1shadetail1

6 years ago#7
A remade Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles with each player using a U-pad. It would be much better than the clunky GBA-for-all interface of the original.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

6 years ago#8
I've just been playing Oblivion, and the controller would REALLY help sort various items, weapons, and spells, and this applies to every rpg out there
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User Info: D00MHunter

6 years ago#9
F-Zero, where you can adjust the Max speed/Acceleration bar on the fly, maybe a rear-view mirror mode.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

6 years ago#10
imagine this your playing a horror game and the tv you see the room get dark on the wii u remote a ugly monster pops out of no where... if you don't die from a heart attack you'll a the very least prolly p*** your self
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