Whats up with the controller?

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User Info: ZimbabweBob

6 years ago#11
oooh, here's a novel idea...how about you reserve judgement until there is an actual product in hand to judge? ( this is for haters and fanboys alike)
there's something that doesn't make sense... let's go poke it with a stick.
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User Info: ArabrockermanX

6 years ago#12

TakitusMaximus posted...

one thing i don't get is, how in the hell does Nintendo think this controller will appeal to core gamers. i'm a core gamer and honestly, this looks like another gimmick and one big piece of ****

Yet people who have developed core games for a living( example John Carmack ) think the controller is a good idea that can be used in just about any game... You dont speak for every one kid some people will like it others wont I dont think being a core gamer or a casual has much to do with what kind of controller you like.

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