Looks like IGN is back on our side now!

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  3. Looks like IGN is back on our side now!

User Info: BroadwayGPU

6 years ago#1


Prince Shondronai 6 years ago#2
A rousing, feel-good piece of fluff if ever I've read one.

User Info: Starwars4J

6 years ago#3
There are no sides, their two-faced reporting is getting old. Slightest bit of possibly bad news and they'll be back to their previous articles. Makes me sick, honestly.
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User Info: Pokeclipse

6 years ago#4
News sites really shouldn't take sides at all. This behavior is just as unprofessional as the articles that "bash" Nintendo.
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User Info: al_ien5000

6 years ago#5
Journalists are not news reporters. They journal the going ons in the gaming community from their point of view. Much like yourselves journal the world from your point of view in blogs, tweets, status updates, and even here in GFAQs.

The sooner people realize this, the better the gaming community will be due to less volatility towards opinions.
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User Info: BroadwayGPU

6 years ago#6
In this culture war, they have rightfully sided with NINTENDO.

User Info: LtColKilgore79

6 years ago#7
So how about that Colonial Marines game? Anybody else excited about Prometheus?
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User Info: _Falstaff

6 years ago#8
Oh no. Journalists have opinions. Even more, they're allowed to express them. My world has been shattered.

On a serious note, the only thing I'm surprised of is that this specific editorial made front page.
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User Info: darkjedilink

6 years ago#9
I went to the link and just got a 404 error. Would someone please copy-pasta?
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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#10
IGN is on no one's side. Their negative articles have no journalist integrity, and this piece is nice but filled with rhetoric rather than substance.

If I wanted to read a fluff piece like this, I can turn to just about any thread on this board and get the same message in fewer words.

What I would have preferred from IGN is an actual retraction piece explaining why they are retracting certain negative statements they made in the last couple of months toward Nintendo and its consoles; after all, this is the guy that is in charge of their news and features.

What I would have also wanted to see is a positive article filled with facts and truths rather than opinion and beliefs. Has Nintendo seen rough times like mentioned in this article? If so then give exact examples and what occurred. What facts support the opinions stated here about portables?

It is very easy to write an opinion piece, and I do not respect them at all. I spent quite some time tearing apart an article that was nothing more than an inflated troll rant masked as a sincere sentiment to the troubles of Nintendo after E3, and I will not live a double standard even with positive articles like this. I am certain there are hordes of trolls and Nay Sayers tearing apart this articles and getting ready to rant about it on this thread, and it would not have been the case if real facts were used to support it.
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  3. Looks like IGN is back on our side now!

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