Calling all hardcore Nintendo fanboys(and girls)!

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User Info: RevolutionV

6 years ago#41
OnettMan21 posted...
From: homsarrunner3 | #109
The reason we Nintendo fans (yes, I am one) seem more defensive is because we need to be, just to keep Nintendo support alive.

Ever since gamers have decided they were "too cool" to play as a mushroom-eating plumber or a kid in a chicken suit, the big N has been criticised for being a "kid's game company".

Actual Nintendo fans need to stave off constant critisism from the less desirables of the community. We usually aren't in it to make friends.
Homsarrunner out.
Yes maybe, but you have to remember that these audiences are the CoD, Gears, Halo and BF Fanboys, which outnumber even the casual audience and friggin' run circles around the hardcore and are absolutely colossal to the Nintendo fans (Face it, we are a minority)

You also have to remember these people are irrational and stubborn as hell. As for the irrational MS and Sony fanboys... well, the same applies and when even old fans of Nintendo aren't pleased, you can tell it won't go well.

Yeah this has been my experience with fanboys as well, they all of a sudden start rambling about random crap, start throwing numbers out of context, ignore information that is important and will move on to attack arguments with no base or knowledge. On top of that, they ignore posts that make sense and that is in direct contradiction of what they are trying to argue, and instead they will get into a food fight over petty things. It's quite amusing.

User Info: markcorey97

6 years ago#42
fox_smasher posted...
I consider myself a hardcore Nintendo fanboy, but that doesn't stop me from playing my Xbox 360.

3DS Friend Code: 2062-9320-8209
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