Pulled mystery article says Darksiders 2 on Wii-U to match PC level graphics

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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#1
Considering a rumor mill based article that has no proof other than subjective claims is being given so much merit by so many fans of the console, I thought I should post this here because they are believing one rumor so much and getting mad at one trying to debunk that rumor.


Unlike the other rumor, this is from an article that was pulled that was reporting an interview with developers commenting on how powerful the new system is. This one predates the other rumor and comes from a real source that is working with the console.

To all PC gamers, this is my disclaimer to not offend or anger the PC elites that may just come to this thread:

The above statements is in direct response to console only matters. The actual statement of matching PC level graphics is based on a game most likely running DX9-DX10 level graphics and is in no way a reflection of your awesome gamer rig that can run a mystery graphics level that melts the unworthy's face off. The fact that the U will most likely run this game on PC level graphics is more based on the variety of requirements that PC games have and will most likely not be equal to your gamer rig running this game at max settings. Again, this is not an an insult to PC gaming and does not need your response in order to stand up for PC gaming, and if I cared about having the best looking game anymore I would have stayed a PC gamer but have moved to the more stable console market.

User Info: The Adder

The Adder
6 years ago#2

Pulled, you say?
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User Info: Nyyark

6 years ago#3
My brother got a game magazine with a Darksiders cover and my grandma thought it was of the devil and started worrying about him. No joke.

Also I think there were two articles, with the first one more in depth about the Wii U specs, and that was the pulled one.

User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#4
The Adder posted...

Pulled, you say?

No fair, now it cant be a rumor because it is quoted fact now. lol

I didnt see that article ever get posted back up, but yeah, that article was pulled its first day out which sparked a whole rampage of people getting mad at people posting the blurb about the U pulling off PC level graphics.

Anyway, yeah, I am real excited for this game and have posted every new article I have found about the game.

Could you post this on the DS2 board? I do not want credit for this nugget of glory.

User Info: MC_Brian1

6 years ago#5
If this is a launch title for Wii U, I'm so buying it.
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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#6
MC_Brian1 posted...
If this is a launch title for Wii U, I'm so buying it.

In articles and even video interviews, they have stated that their pacing for development of this games "coincides" with the release of the Wii-U. They pretty much spell out that they plan on releasing the game across all plat-forms at the same time, but plan on making sure this one is a release title for the U rather than it being among the games already out before the U is out.

Knowing that and hearing that they plan on a June 2012 release with Metro: Last Light, both titles destined for the U, fueled my belief that the system might be released in June maybe shortly after the next E3.

However, even though I am dismissing the most recent rumor from that rumor mill in France, reading the mentioning of a June release did make me give that article a second glance and not toss it out completely despite all the evidence contrary to the matter.

User Info: thundercat2600

6 years ago#7
Wow, great topic TC.

"Darksiders 2 will have PC level graphics, except not really".

User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#8
thundercat2600 posted...
Wow, great topic TC.

"Darksiders 2 will have PC level graphics, except not really".

Tossed out a disclaimer just to keep the PC elites off my back on this topic. Thank you for your support of the Wii-U, and I bet you look forward to playing this game on this console with a superior version of this game being on the U and PC compared to the last gen consoles.

I too look forward to the U and its PC level graphics, but I am not so egotistical to demand the U to have the very best version otherwise I would be a PC gamer. Though the article did say:

"After only a few weeks with the Wii U development kit, however, the team were genuinely buzzing with excitement - the graphics looking to match the top-spec PC iteration and the code working remarkably well on the hardware. It's early doors yet, of course, but the signs are that, for non-Nintendo developers, the Wii U is great system to work with - a far cry from the 'new hardware issues' that other consoles (most notably the PlayStation 3) have presented for third-party developers in the past."

Thus, much like you, I wont rule out that the U might get to see the top-spec PC iteration of Darksiders 2 even though it will not run as smooth or as well as a gamer rig running the PC version.

I bet you cant wait to see the slew of cross-platform titles announcing as a selling point that the U version will be close to the top-spec PC iteration barring DX11 requirements for some of the more advanced games.

User Info: Jackal

6 years ago#9
The game is going to be good. Makes me want to replay the first one.
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User Info: Senzeki

6 years ago#10
Never did play the first one, no real reason why. It looked interesting, but I never picked it up. I'll probably go grab it now because this one is shaping up nicely.
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