How would you feel if Nintendo gave their games a complete core makeover?

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User Info: odanzrexorc

5 years ago#41
darkjedilink posted...
Gnik posted...
Link being a girl would be completely stupid. There's no reason to, as Link is a silent character. The only purpose would be to give people who don't get out at all a chance to look at more breasts.

Just because Link doesn't talk doesn't mean the Zelda games have no plot. The other characters certainly talk to Link and presumably if the main character was female it would change the way they would interact with him / her.

I highly doubt that the differences in NPC interactions would be so big as to make the change actually worth it - if aything, the main changes would be the necessary gender changes. Ganondorf, Zelda, the Gerudo and every girl ever interested in Link would have to change gender just to nake it work at a minimum. On top of that, you then have to come up with a compelling story that would explain not only why Link is a woman and her events are set in motion, but also why "Prince" Zelda is incapable of defending his own kingdom.

LOL no. Major fail on your part. They shall stay as is and this will be the breast, er best, Zelda game ever.
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User Info: monjamania2000

5 years ago#42
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User Info: LimblessQuasar

5 years ago#43
darkjedilink posted...
Gnik posted...
Stuff about females.

I'm sorry...Are we not allowed to have a female saving a female just for the heck of it? Or if there has to be some sort of sexual or romantic tension between them, why can't they just be homosexual? A good storyteller could make it work fine.

FunkyKong84 posted...
Wasn't the Zelda tech demo pretty core-ish? I'm no fan of that series, but IMO it would be a good step forward if they moved away from the present almost cartoony design to something more brutal as we saw in that tech demo.Apart from Zelda and Metroid, what are you going to treat as hardcore? Kirby and Pokemon? Leave that messiness to Microsoft and Sony.

No, it was not core-ish, it was a more developed, sophisticated, and realistic art style. That was the only significant change I saw.

Mr_Big_Boss posted...
I saw Mario getting drunk at the bar with Conker.

I want a new Conker...Srsly.

Cammie_Dunaway posted...
darkjedilink posted...
Zelda is about as "core" as it gets, if you really feel the need to measure e-peen and break games up into "core" and "casual."

Zelda isn't 'core'. I love the Zelda series, but it's basically they're children's games.

Well it is an opinion, isn't it? I like to believe core games are not determined by art style or gore level, but by something under the surface. But that's just me.

@TC, I don't know. Everyone always clambers for a more mature Zelda game. To me, it's not what the series is, and you'll always fail if you try to be something you're not. I'd like to see a better effort from Mario - don't get me wrong, SMG and SMBW were great fun, but I want something that offers the challenge of the NES and SNES days.
As for your what if scenario...I dunno...I guess it would depend if they were good or not.

User Info: pikachupwnage

5 years ago#44
monjamania2000 posted...
Excluding Mario of course. Keep that game casual and fun. I mean stuff like giving Metroid a totally basass, Halo-ish online experience (note: I hate Halo and im not saying this game needs to be like Halo) or some dark, deep Star Fox story mode. Better ground missions than Assault and Adventures. Maybe put an older Link in a Zelda game rockin' a manly beard and a big ass sword?

Just some thoughts. Discuss?

*Shoots TC* NO. JUST. NO. Metriod is about isolation telling story mainly through the envoirment. Thats 1 of the reasons other M is hated Super long cutscenes also extreme linearity and that stupid authorization thing. heres a funny comic about that from brawl in the family.

Link with a beard would be wrong and wierd.
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User Info: GogglesFrog

5 years ago#45
You say make it like halo...then say how you hate halo???


Also, no. Assimilation = bad for games. If you want a style, go play that game. Don't wish that style on other games just so you can watch your favorite character be in a similar setting.
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User Info: SorsShinjo

5 years ago#46
I would love it if they made their ips into core games again, but what TC describes is not what core games are.

high quality core games have exceptional depth, replayability and use the common standards of quality for graphics, music, etc.
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User Info: monjamania2000

5 years ago#47
I NEVER said make Metroid like Halo. I said give it a similar online experience. The story could stay how its always been. Also Brawl in The Family is like the crappiest and unfunny web comic I've ever read.
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