Battlefield 3 confirmed for Wii U?

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User Info: darkjedilink

5 years ago#41
ddd87 posted...
Surely EA has the final word on the matter, but if there was a WiiU version then this DICE guy would have said so (they would know that EA has this agreement for sure)

I agree, which is why I believe that EA just hasn't pushed the WiiU version yet. That interview made it pretty clear that DICE has their hands full with the PC, 360 and PS3 versions, that the WiiU would just cut into. When DICE gets the game launched for those platforms, EA will likely push them into making a version for WiiU.
Darkjedilink has what most would consider the Triforcelightning.

User Info: CPUX

5 years ago#42
Nintendo Power already has Battlefield 3 listed as a game coming out for Wii U.
EA has said they will do it.

So it's beyond confirmed at this point now. Unless it gets canceled, it will come out. - Grid 26 -3 Black Ops
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