im going to love when E3 2012 rolls comes and there is no ps4 and the nextbox

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  3. im going to love when E3 2012 rolls comes and there is no ps4 and the nextbox

User Info: AceMos

5 years ago#1
is not much if at all stronger then the wii u
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User Info: mietha

5 years ago#2
Being as the kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronics item EVER, MS is very likely going to slap a kinect in the 360, add some ram, maybe get a slightly newer graphics card, and call it a day and their next system. And yeah, the PS4 will VERY likely not be at E3. The ball is certainly in nintendo's court. Let's just hope they don't wiffle the serve.

User Info: BrokenBandit84

5 years ago#3
I would love it IF it does happen. No one knows whether or not the next Sony and Microsoft systems are going to be more powerful than Wii U or not.
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User Info: gazazi1997

5 years ago#4
I think the PS4 being announced at E3 2012 is more likely. The PS3, IMO, has nowhere to go but down from here in terms of sales with the Wii U on the horizon and all. The 360 will probably try to make it until 2014 because sales are stronger than ever and they got Halo 4 coming next year.
Even though, I think the PS4 will only be a bit stronger than the Wii U and the Xbox 720 will blow it out of the water. MS has lots more cushion than Sony and will probably do the same "sell at a loss and wait a couple years to make up for it" that the 360 did

User Info: Soanevalcke6

5 years ago#5
I think it would be better if Sony just keeps going with their PS3, I think it could easily Compete with the Wii U (NOT because I think the Wii U is a "small Improvement", I understand that it is Quite a large improvement) Its just, I dont know what They Could improve on besides some better Graphics and stuff, but Graphics dont mean Much to really anyone Past the age of 12.

I really think the PS3 can compete with the Wii U. Whatever next box is, I dont Care it'll probably be some s*** with the Kinect.
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User Info: lp913

5 years ago#6
I also love how people keep writing off the Wii U as exactly another Wii, power wise in the new gen, hell, for all any of us knows Nintendo could easily up the specs pre-launch and sell the console at a loss in the long run.

The name of the game is getting software development on your hardware, AND with more costly development that i'm sure Nintendo is experiencing themselves creating their very first batch of HD games, they're gonna need all the third party support they can muster.

They WILL need strong enough processors that can stay relevant with third parties AT LEAST until 2016-early 2017, imo. If that happens Wii U's future should be good with Nintendo potentially future-proofing the hardware for at least up until that point in time. Another Wii it won't be, despite similar branding of the console name.
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User Info: DetroitLolcat

5 years ago#7
I think the other consoles will probably be unveiled, but the specifics will not be. Kind of like how Wii U was unveiled at E3 2011 and will be expanded on at E3 2012, the PS4/Nextbox will be unveiled at E3 2012 and expanded on at E3 2013.
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User Info: LimblessQuasar

5 years ago#8
Soanevalcke6 posted...
but Graphics dont mean Much to really anyone Past the age of 12.

I don't find this to be true at all.
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User Info: RandomHero

5 years ago#9
the developer rumors that the U is about 50% more powerful than the ps3/360 is probably accurate. the nextbox will likely be similar in power, or slightly stronger. Kinect 2.0 will be included, with a strong focus on being an all-in-one multimedia center

Sony's next console is a total wildcard. I could see it releasing anywhere from 2013-never. they may decide to take a wait-and-see approach and let Microsoft and Nintendo duke it out while they support Vita and PS3.

User Info: Jackal

5 years ago#10
Sony is already having first parties shifting gears and looking at early PS4 projects. No console is expected until at least 2013-14.

MS is suppose to announce their next system at E3. We'll have to wait and see.

I wouold expect Nintendo to flood E3 with WIi U info and live demos on the consoles final spec hardware. Another wait and see.
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  3. im going to love when E3 2012 rolls comes and there is no ps4 and the nextbox

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