When does smash bros. 4 get released?

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User Info: guedesbrawl

5 years ago#11
tjust a note: they are aiming to connect the 3ds version with the wii u somehow.

most likely it will take more time than usual
HD,3D...neither really add something else to the games,just takes more time,money and limitates platforms.
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User Info: Limelight788

5 years ago#12
Expect it to be late 2014. They are working on two completely different games that you have to link together. Combine that with 49-53 characters (transformation included), even more stages, a more comprehensive online structure, and that it will turn out completely different from the last installment, expect this to take some time.
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User Info: mietha

5 years ago#13
They said recently they REALLY wished they hadn't mentioned it at E3 because it was at LEAST 5 years away. The story is referenced on joystiq somewhere. So, yeah, don't hold your breath or anything.

User Info: DavCube

5 years ago#14
We'll have some sort of window once the game even EXISTS.
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