Would you want the Wii U to be open to mods?

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User Info: player_of_gods

5 years ago#11
Rennik Repotsir posted...
player_of_gods posted...
if it is OPEN to mods yes.

if someone finds a way to mod things, NO

unauthorized mods= piracy

How so? As piracy is unauthorized duplication and distribution...

Let's make the example of the iphone:

The jailbreak allows you to mod your iphone/games, the defenders of this things usually say **** like it is usefull and such. But in reality, it is just a way to pirate games

Same with the wii
Same with everything
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User Info: Nyyark

5 years ago#12
Great example. I have a jailbroken iPhone. Jailbroken exclusively to unlock it so I don't have to use AT&T on my old 2G iPhone, and instead can get a pay as you go sim. Haven't downloaded a single jailbroken app.

User Info: guedesbrawl

5 years ago#13
you do know that those things can be used for means outside of piracy, right? oh yeah, you don't
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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

5 years ago#14
If it was like UT3 on PS3, then yes. that game was awesome and had so many cool mods.

Doubt Nintendo would ever allow that though, they seem to be incredibly paranoid about piracy and this could theoretically(but realistically it wont) allow someone to hack the system through a glitched mod or something.
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User Info: gmaster 2674

gmaster 2674
5 years ago#15
That'd be cool. I love the "mods" the fanbases have done on modded Wiis. (Like control mods for more controller compatibility, all those Brawl mods...) It'd be awesome if Nintendo supported that and had a place you could download fan-made stuff.
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