1-10: How bad do you want this to blow the Xbox/PS3 out of the water?

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User Info: LimblessQuasar

5 years ago#21
a_fartn_Spartan posted...
Mario (and spin-offs), Zelda, DK, Star Fox, Smash Bros, and possibly Pokemon make ANY Nintendo system a must-buy for me. Haven't tried out the Metroid Prime series in years, but I'll explore it again this summer when I have time.

Yeah that's true. It just won't be a release date buy for me if all I'm looking at is Nintendo games. I've been down that road before, I prefer to have a large selection to pick from, which is guaranteed if the consoles' library builds up.
Its only like 70 years away. By then, ill just be hitting my stride. Like the PS3. - Skul_

User Info: abigexplosion

5 years ago#22
7/10. I want it to blow them out of the water, but I also want it to light a fire under Sony and MS so they put out something of higher quality, which in turn, lights a fire under Nintendo to try harder. Competition drives quality you know.
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User Info: knightimex

5 years ago#23
As long as wii u looks like 360 games with less jaggies @1080p and 60fps I would be very happy.

Wii games with lots of AA, 1080p and 60fps still look better than 99% of the XBLA games.
Hell even half of the 360's library.
The only time you'll ever hear a ninja is when someone says: "A Ninja".

User Info: JKatarn

5 years ago#24
It would be very difficult for it to not supersede their 7 year old GPUs, and it will likely have loads more RAM/VRAM, so unless the devs just dump their games onto it, the Wii-U version of a game should be the definitive console version of a game.
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