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User Info: gamerkid256

5 years ago#1
SO if they were to make a Pokemon game on the WiiU how would you want it to be? A Pokemon XD Gales of Darkness/Colosseum style game, or a classic Gameboy style Pokemon game? or A Pokemon Stadium Three? (I personally want a Pokemon Stadium Three) or something completely different?
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Started- May 26th 2011

User Info: Nyyark

5 years ago#2
Like Mario Party x the Pokemon Card Game.

User Info: CloudStrife630

5 years ago#3
Pokemon Stadium 3 or Pokemon Snap 2. And I love the sig TC! :)

User Info: melvin343

5 years ago#4
Well we are getting a new Pokemon game this fall so if I were Nintendo this is a good time to bring back Pokemon Stadium and the Wii U sales would pick up but hey this is just my opinion.
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