Hardware predictions?

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User Info: NintyLover2

5 years ago#1
What do you guys think is going to be inside of the Wii U when the big reveal is finally made? My predictions are...

CPU - 2.5-3.5GHz quad-core (one locked or limited) with Power7 characteristics. Based on IBM's statements, I could see as much as 32MB eDRAM.

RAM - 1.5 - 2GB GDDR3 with as much as 512MB reserved depending on the OS's needs.

GPU - Custom chip with performance similar to a Radeon 4870. The fanboy in me thinks the Nintendo is going to surprise us with something like the Radeon 5770.

User Info: Lord_of_BeefDip

5 years ago#2
Not going to attempt to speculate on precise components, but my general estimate is 3-5x as capable as the Ps3/360.
Ridley: "If you've got size problems, I feel bad for you son. I've got 99 problems and being big ain't one." -omegamarth

User Info: Raynilsson

5 years ago#3
Wii U will only be 20% less powerful than Xbox 720

Here is the link: http://www.gamesradar.com/xbox-720-rumour-day-new-xbox-only-20-more-powerful-wii-u-going-after-nintendos-old-market/
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