Rumor: Final Fantasy XV to be announced at TGS 2012/E3 2013, for all consoles

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User Info: jillwarren

5 years ago#71
Linetrix posted...
- They heard the crying and bashing about FFXIII's simple, casual system.

ROFL! Does your trolling know no bounds? FFXIII's battle system is considered to be one of the best of the entire franchise. With a large portion of the fanbase considering it the best.

- Heard that FFXII's combat system was praised for its depth.

You're either mistaking FFXII for FFXIII or just plain trolling. FFXII's battle system got mixed receptions. With many loving the gambit system while others hating it because of its flaws.

You really need to stop twisting things to support you; it does not make your arguments correct and gives you the appearance of ignorance in your responses. Your initial claim that a Final Fantasy game will not sell because some people on this board do not like the series is a stretch. Trying to insult people who point out that these same things have been said by other people on other system boards does not change the fact that your thesis is a stretch.

Let's look at these quotes by you. You again insult someone and try to pretend that the opinions of some are the majority. Some people LOVED Final Fantasy 13, myself included. Others hated it, and one of the resounding complaints has been about the "auto" system. A large amount of Japanese folks enjoyed the game, but you have absolutely no merit in saying that a large majority of the game's fan base consider it the best battle system in the entire franchise, which is what your quote says.

You again insult a poster and try to argue that the statement of depth in the FF12 battle system is based either on ignorance of two games or an attempt to incite others. Then you remark on the supposed reception of 12's battle system.

At no point do you ever address the point: 12 had a more complex battle system than 13. Like the gambit system or not, it was extremely deep and left a lot more customization options than the paradigm system did. They both played different; I always feel like I am coaching a team when playing 12 while I am running the plays in 13. Both of them leave me wishing my teammates don't die too soon.
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User Info: Sylar100

5 years ago#72

*whole topic full of people fighting and whining"

Damn people, calm down. Wait until the TGS to fight with each other or ignore it if this isn't announced
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