So what third party games will Wii U miss out on?

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User Info: mistermerk

5 years ago#31
teh_kyle00 posted...
Killeryoshi8 posted...
quickposter posted...
Wii U (like any console) will be about the exclusives but third party games will exist and will just be a bonus. Like every other console.


If you buy a console for third party multi-plats, you're doing it wrong.

You buy a console for the exclusives (features or games) it provides, unless you're an idiot.

I guess there are lots of idiots out there who buy their 360s for games like Mass Effect 2/3, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Crysis 2/3, Batman Arkham Asylum/City, COD, Skyrim, Borderlands, Fallout, etc., etc. lol

People buy consoles for a number of reasons and the ENTIRETY of the games library offered is a big factor. Exclusives are a factor too but are far from the only one. Nintendo has my favorite exclusives (Mario, Zelda, etc) but if I could only pick one system to own this gen (I own all three) it would be the 360, largely due to its entire library of great games (and Xbox Live). I would have hated to only own a Wii this gen and miss out on all those other great games, just because I buy a console only for exclusives, as you say. Or maybe I'm just an idiot, like all of the other millions and millions of multiple-console, or console-PC, owners/gamers.
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