Most interesting Nintendo franchises as of late

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User Info: joshmck12

5 years ago#11
I would argue that the best Zelda, metroid, Mario, punch out , Kirby, donkey kong and smash are on the wii. But it's not worth the energy.

Oh pikmin and sin and punishment, too.
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User Info: Sentinox

5 years ago#12
Rasputin77 posted...
I really want to see them do more with the Theatrhythm idea, and yes, it was nice to see Kid Icarus come back. It had been way too long. Zelda has been hanging in there too.

Mario has kind of been losing me lately, so I'm looking forward to NSMBU, and the latest Pilotwings on 3DS just didn't tickle my fancy.

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User Info: Emerald_Melios

5 years ago#13
1. Pokemon - the newest Black & White generation has renewed my interest in the series to around the levels of when I firsttook interest over ten years ago. Jun'ichi Masuda and Game Freak did a great job revitalizing the main games. And I really enjoy a lot of the new 5th generation Pokemon.

2. Kid Icarus - as much as I disavowed the shooter genre, I decided to get it anyway with the 3DS XL since it was made by Sakurai. And I must say, this was one of the most brilliantly designed Nintendo games. Honestly, all those Western shooters the Xbox crowd obsess over would be far more tolerable if they were as whimsical and charming as Kid Icarus: Uprising.

3. Mario - but for a subjective reason. Until I recently, I hadn't played that franchise in nearly a decade, having shifted most of my interest to Zelda and Pokemon. Because of my growing distaste for the direction a lot of the "hardcore" games went in the last several years (especially the games by Bethesda and Bioware), I decided to go back into Nintendo's other franchises. Having starting playing Mario games again after a long time, it makes them seem fresh.
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