Wii U Game System, Gamers Thoughts On It

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User Info: killtacular30

5 years ago#1
Hello Gamers, I was looking to get some other gamer's take on the Nintendo WII U... I have always enjoy Nintendo, plus the other game system as well. But I liked a lot of exclusives that you could only play on the Nintendo specially the Zelda games.

Am kinda on the fence about the WII U with it's new motion controller, I wonder how comfortable it will be holding and using it for long periods of time, I guess am more used to a regular gaming controller, I guess that's why I never got a WII because most of the games I wanted to play you had to use the motion controllers and couldn't use a regular game controller which some WII games allow...

I wanted to know if the WII U controller is going be the same way, like with Zombie U? It shows you use the controller plus you use it as a touch screen as well to do certain things in the game, like will you be able to play the game with the WII U controller, as a controller and not have to do the other stuff with the touch screen or use the controller to slash or hit a zombies? I wanted to know if you would be able to play one way or you have to do both?

Also what's your take on the WII U graphics, they look very good to me but I don't see it looking any better than the PS3 or Xbox 360, which you can have the best hardware but if game companies don't make the best quality of games to take advance of the hardware isn't the game system hardware fault. Because I see a lot of games that come out on this gen's consoles that don't look as good as the better quality game makers... Which I think there's going come to a point when games can be made to look only so real with you not actually being in the game your self... But to me graphics aren't every thing if you have bad game play and or story... But far as gaming has come along it really no excuse for the big game compaines to make or put there name on a game that doesn't measures up to a certain graphics standard. Every game should be made to look as good as the best looking game that's out or been out, they shouldn't allow games to come out if there way less than that and a lot of games today still are like that...

Also does anyone know when the WII U is coming out for sure, I have read and heard something about December 31 2012? Also what games are you most looking to play, the only game I saw that I was interested in was Zombie U and I would like get Zelda HD when it comes out but not sure of that game release date... Thanks for your in puts

User Info: Wiiplayer111

5 years ago#2
Nintendo is having a conference in a few days. It'll help you.
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User Info: overkillwfo1978

5 years ago#3
Graphics will be fine
Controller may take some getting used to, but it will be cool as well
Games will be awesome
System will be great

lol @ a New Year's Eve release. I could just see the discussion at the Nintendo shareholders meeting. "No Bill, your idea of releasing the console a couple months before Christmas is absurd! What we NEED to do is release it on New Years Eve!! It's like the 354th busiest shopping day of the year!"

System will likely be released in November.
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User Info: Reznik00

5 years ago#4
Definitely wait until the conference...you are seriously confused on the topic.
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User Info: killtacular30

5 years ago#5
Am not confused at all, just not sure about the controller feel and all or if games like Zombie U that uses the controller touch screen and other features if theres any way around them, like would a gamer be able to play Zombie U using the WII U controller just like a regular controller not using the touch screen or any of the motion features to play the game or is a lot of the WII U games going be design to where there no away around them?
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