Is the WiiU controller like an upgraded VMU ?

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User Info: BruceLee1974

4 years ago#1
Any of you's remember what the dreamcast used to have ? It was a Visual memory unit or VMU and you could see and do a fair few things on it as well as play stand alone mini games and stuff.

At first when I saw the WiiU controller I thought you didn't need a TV to play on it but I saw another video of ZombiU and it showed the things you can do on it.

It seems like a Futuristic VMU unit to me. Just goes to show Sega does have good ideas but they are always ahead of their time just like the Dreamcast console it self.

What do you's think ?

User Info: Starwars4J

4 years ago#2
No, it's really not like the VMU at all. And yes you can play games entirely on the controller. And yes, the Dreamcast was way ahead of its time.
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User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#3

It's like the VMU in the sense that it's a screen on the controller, but this screen is much more functional (touch features, larger, full-color, etc.) than the VMU screen. On the other hand, you can't download minigames to it (as far as we know...).

Ironically, the Wii U controller has a massive resemblance to a controller shown in one of those 2008 "Dreamcast 2 leaked plans" that ended up being fake.
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User Info: Murderstorm117

4 years ago#4
Man do I LOVE dreamcast companies are just starting to catch up to it

User Info: BruceLee1974

4 years ago#5
Well with the VMU you could do things in the game which you couldn't on other consoles. Maybe it didn't have good graphics but I do remember a few cool things in some of the games it did which reminds me of this WiiU controller.

And maybe Nintendo should copy off sega and let you download mini games for the controller, I used to think that was really cool back then.

But with the WiiU controller can you turn it on by it's self without turning on the console ?
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