if you reserved online at gamestop how sure are u

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User Info: dreamtheater33

5 years ago#1
that your going to get one on launch i did mine with 1 day shipping.
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User Info: paulink

5 years ago#2
If they haven't closed them, you're probably good. I might just pop in the store tomorrow and pre-order it there.
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User Info: meiyuki

5 years ago#3
They won't sell out until close to launch if they do at all before launch. If you pre-order anytime before about mid-oct there's no way you won't get one.

User Info: kidwgm

5 years ago#4
I choose 1 day free shipping. However, this might be a placeholder for me. My goal is to get 3 or 4 Wii U's. I would like to cancel the Gamestop.com pre-order and replace it with a in store Best Buy pre-order to save money on shipping. The other 2 will be in store at Gamestops.
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User Info: Pendragoon

5 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure I'll get it either Monday or Tuesday based on their shipping practices.

I'll be buying a Pro Controller and a few games once I know my console has shipped.
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User Info: thealmightydib

5 years ago#6
ordering online do you have to pay full price, i see that people in-store are putting down $50 and I would prefer that but dont see the option

ah screw it im going in store, forgot i was a power up member
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