This is pathetic.

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User Info: GigaVolts

4 years ago#21
Megagunstarman posted...
Linetrix posted...
The conferences WERE bad. They revealed exactly what the fanboys kept telling everyone would not happen. Like the price of the bundles and the controller. No major titles announced except for Bayonetta 2 (which isn't even that great of a game). No decent online etc and etc...

How are they supposed to announce a decent online?

"Hey guys the online is good. Take us at our word."

Like that?

Then he would have said something negative about that.

User Info: MrArtist

4 years ago#22
People are just angry because honestly the price is a bit high for hardware that has not proven itself yet. I am one of those people, but bashing the console aint cool either. It is frustrating that we are still talking about what this console has to offer regarding online functionality or spec wise, that info should have been talked about at the conferences. People want to know if this system will be able to play the games that the xboxnext or ps4 are going to be getting, because this hardware is next-gen and should not be compared to the xbox360 or ps3. The fact that people are doubting its abilities already is not a good sign. People have the right to be pissed at this point. It is launching in two months, yet, Nintendo is still holding info from people that are on the fence about this console. We want to know what we are paying for and we do not want a repeat of the wii.
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