Would trolls be happy if Nintendo followed Sony's failing business model??

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  3. Would trolls be happy if Nintendo followed Sony's failing business model??

User Info: Hozama

5 years ago#31
As much as I prefer Nintendo to Sony or Microsoft, compitition is good for the consumer; always has been, always will be. No company would grow if it didn't have someone else trying for the same market.

User Info: Sol_Clyde

5 years ago#32
Considering Nintendo didn't have any serious competition in the handheld market until the PSP came out, and considering Nintendo's 'we're not going to compete' stance taken since the launch of the Wii, I don't think one less company making big consoles would make a big difference for Nintendo's decisions...

User Info: sonic777

5 years ago#33
b1gt0ne posted...
art_of_the_kill posted...
Want the trolling to stop? Stop making topics like these.

Anti-trolling is only successful in letting the trolls know that they're getting under your skin.

Yeah right. Trollls resent Nintendo, strictly because of nintendo's success.


Yeah, that's it. It has nothing to do with feeling like being burned by the Wii. Nintendo is hated because it makes money.


User Info: ZBug_

5 years ago#34
no, they're never happy. period.
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User Info: Shamrock99

5 years ago#35
overkillwfo1978 posted...
But if Burger King was screwing up burgers so bad that it was causing their company to go under financially, you as a fan of Burger King may be inclined to defend BK to the death, even as the company is failing hard.

If BK screwed up their burgers and went under, I'd be like oh darn I can't eat BK burgers anymore. Fortunately for me, there's other burger companies out there, just like how there are other video game consoles out there. If PS4 never happened because Sony couldn't afford it, or happened but then was abandoned because it was a miserable failure, the games on PS4 would probably end up on Xbox 720 and Wii U. Naughty Dog wouldn't cease to exist. Neither would Team ICO. If Sony left the video game industry they wouldn't just hold on to Naughty Dog and Team ICO - they'd SELL them or let them out of their contracts. Then those companies would just continue making rad games for Nintendo and Microsoft. As a gamer, I don't care what console I'm playing, as long as the gamers are available. I'm here for the games. I'm console agnostic. Which is why I always make sure to own all consoles so I can play all games, no matter what platform they're on. As a friend of mine says, "I play games, not consoles."

And no, I wouldn't defend BK to the death. Why would I do that? So, they're management has been screwing stuff up? Welp, nothing I can do about that. Either they stay in business and I get to eat their burgers or they go out of business and I eat some other companies burgers. I'm still going to eat burgers either way.

My point is, some gamers get too hung up with pride for their favorite game company and forget what's really important - playing the games. Sales? Profits? Let the suits worry about that. You should just enjoy whatever fruit the tree bears. Of course, nothing wrong with merely conversing over a topic in regards to your hobby, but when the title of this thread is what it is...

AceMos posted...
ppl care how profitible a company is cus that means that ocmpany will keep making more products for them to enjoy

id rather haev 100s of good new games in teh future
than 1 good game now

Sega is my favorite company ever. Dreamcast died because they could no longer fund it + PS2 hype. That doesn't mean Dreamcast has a terrible library of games. During the time it was alive it created an excellent software library, and most gamers don't own over 30 games per console, right? Well, the Dreamcast has well over 30 games worth owning...and it wasn't alive very long. PS3 has been alive much longer. Even if Sony called it quits right now, it's software lineup would stand the test of time. And look what Sega did...went on to develop their franchises for the competitors that gen (GameCube, PS2, Xbox).

Robot_Soopa posted...
Please don't try to spread further ignorance around here.

Keeping informed on the business dealings of companies that are creating products that we are investing hundreds of dollars in is one of the smartest things going on here.

If Sony is failing hard I want to know so I can know whether it would be a wise financial decision to buy the PS4.

If Sony is failing hard, a PS4 probably wouldn't even come out in the first place. But yeah, nothing wrong with talking about your favorite hobby...but like I said earlier, when the topic title is what it is...you just know it's gonna' get nasty. I mean c'mon, we're on GameFAQs. It's terrible here! I don't care too much if Sony fails. PS3 has had a nice long life and has a great lineup of software. It's a great console. So is 360, so is Wii. People like to talk Doomsday scenarios this gen...
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
5 years ago#36
From: darkjedilink | #012
Godstriker8 posted...
Little known fact: Sony's games division is one of their only divisions making money. The reason they lost billions is their 3D TVs business failing among other reasons.

No, it isn't making money - all of their MMO's are in the red, the Vita won't make a profit for another two years at least (and that's if it had sold better than the DS), the PS3 is BARELY making a profit (and it's got about seven years of multi-BILLION dollar losses to make up for), PSN hacking cost them billions - the department's been a giant money-draining toilet for a decade.

Tha's right. If i remember correctly, the games division was losing money again.
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