Final Fantasy on Wii U should be like this...

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User Info: leeko_link

5 years ago#31
I rather want a new Mana RPG over a Final Fantasy one. An RPG should never featured split screen co-op, besides why do you want split screen co-op on a Wii U game when you already had two screens to work with? The main screen could focus on a primary player and the one on the GamePad should already focus on that specific player like say in Four Swords and Crystal Chronicles.

User Info: HeliosMagi

5 years ago#32
If Square makes a FF game like this, it should be a spin-off and not a main entry in the series.
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User Info: MagnaderAlpha

5 years ago#33
HeliosMagi posted...
If Square makes a FF game like this, it should be a spin-off and not a main entry in the series.

I think it should be like what Tokita has done with Final Fantasy Legends(Dimensions) or 4 Heroes of Light. Something not related to the main series, but is it's own self-contained world that draws heavily on classic Final Fantasy themes and ideas. Hell, make it like Bravely Default, a spiritual successor to 4 Heroes of Light, get Tokita on board to direct, get Yoshida on board to do the art direction, and get Mizuta to compose(maybe get Uematsu to do a few tracks here and there). THAT would be awesome!

User Info: gilgamesh21

5 years ago#34
I've no problem with it being an entry in the main series.

I mean is Zelda II not an entry in the main LoZ series because it plays drastically different from the rest? Not too mention the jump from 2D to 3D the series took.

If the "box" that defines FF is so small and confining, then the series can only circle around and around on itself with no room to innovate/experiment and no room to grow to new heights of greatness. You're left playing the same game over and over again with only a new coat of paint.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

5 years ago#35
It's kind of funny, Fromsoft went from a niche developer that occasionally made a gem no one gave a **** about, to some godly developer that everyone likes this generation.
I guess PS3 fanbrats were really desperate for something that could be called a Roleplaying Game, so they tote Souls as some special series when it's really just a bigger Shining Soul pair.
Also, lolz@SATA drives. You see, they make these things called "heat," which kills consoles.

User Info: Wario_man

5 years ago#36
gilgamesh21 posted...
Go back to the ideas of the first few games, and then add some new good stuff.

1.Completely customizable nameless heroes. gender, body, looks, clothes, weapons. Plus using the stylus/gamepad you make custom designs/patterns.

2.An easy to understand and implement, but satisfyingly deep customizable job system.New gameplay skills unlock as you progress through the job. Example, the ability to wall run etc..

3.Huge world to explore. Realtime transportation control (chocobo/airship/canoe/APC)

4. 2player splitscreen co-op(tv/gamepad co-op, 2 Gamepad co-op), 2-4player offline LAN co-op, 2-4player online co-op.

5. As little Sci-Fi as possible (I know I did mention an APC for transport.).

6.Minimal story, no prerendered cutscenes, no hours of text walls.

7.Real-time battles, with grapples/throws/assassinations/knock-outs.Rolls and dodges/evades.

8. Lots of exploration and discovery. Side quests without being labeled "this is a sidequest".

9. first-person look ability, ability to run, and crouch, and jump, ability to climb.Ability to carry, throw, hold hands, and swim.

10. tent/cabin/house "save" items are real and stay put once you set them up. Find items along the way to create recipes you can cook at "save" item camps, that heal, boost stats, etc. All for the player to combine and experiment with.

11. Day/Night system, weather system. Stars, moon with phases, comets, clouds.

12. Musical instrument/singing voice system, be a Bard and create your own songs.Perform before NPCs, post your songs online for others to enjoy.

13. Gain a skill in a certain job to customize every villager in your "home" town/castle.

14. Summon creatures aren't part of the story, but are a "gotta find them all" type of thing. Buy one at a shop on a rare occaision, find one at the end of a dark cave and fight it to master it etc..

15. A telescope!

;-; -sniffle- Thank you..
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User Info: gilgamesh21

5 years ago#37
Concerning multiplayer co-op. It's all based on co-op parties of 2-4 players.

2-player local via screen and gamepad.
2-player local via two gamepads,(and screen?).
2-player local via two-system LAN(system-link).

2-4-player Online (including two local/with two online elsewhere.)

Features co-op campaign, and co-op specific adventures/challenges.

I also want to mention a cover system, and mantling! Maybe planking too! Mantling would be a low level skill unlock, and planking would be a high level skill unlock on a certain job path. Take in-game pictures of yourself planking at various locations, post them to the board for the world to admire, and for others to figure out just how you got to that out of the way location!

User Info: gilgamesh21

5 years ago#38
A wagon might be kinda cool to have too. Optional though. You could set it on automatic travel from point A to point B, or you could control it yourself in real-time. It could be a very expensive save/heal point that travels around with you. And it could get destroyed if it takes too much damage, but it should be able to take a lot of damage. Plus you could repair it yourself with excessive button tapping, or take it to a town and have it repaired. Less time consuming, but costs more Gil.

User Info: LuckNotDoWithIt

5 years ago#39
So basically you want King's Field. That's what I thought. You shouldn't have a console and should really have gone strict PC.

User Info: LuckNotDoWithIt

5 years ago#40
MagnaderAlpha posted...
I'd actually be content if Sakaguchi gives Nintendo a new JRPG series in the vein of The Last Story. The battle system was pretty good(real time, lots of strategy and cover/stealth system). It could always be improved/taken to a new level(as well as various mechanics and technical issues like AI and camera control, which were among some of the minor flaws of the game). That and we got Takahashi with Monolith Soft most likely aiming to crank out another stunner for the Wii U like Xenoblade Chronicles.

I'd love a more traditional Final Fantasy game(in art/style, not gameplay). I dont' think I can go back to the ATB unless it was really tweaked to a fast pace battle system. Battles should be fast. I even noted this in the various FFXIII boards, they casual/normal battles should drop the whole "stagger" thing. That just prolongs the battle. If they are casual enemies, you should just be able to take them out in seconds.

I do prefer the old school FF worlds over the newer ones. I do like the whole "classic FF motif" of four elemental crystals, white mages and black mages, flying castles, airships, sea ship voyages and races like Elves, Dark Elves and Dwarves. FF's "medieval" worlds aren't typically close to western deceptions of "high fantasy". They aren't overly Tolkien inspired. There's a place and style for everything. I don't mind that style of high fantasy for certain franchises like Ultima(really rich in that "style") or Elder Scrolls(even Dragon's Dogma was that style, and it was Japanese), but I do respect when developers(even movie makers) tackle the subject of medieval fantasy in a different way. Maybe more fantastical and imaginative. That's who I saw the FF worlds. If I was to imagine what FF worlds(or a lot of Japanese takes on medieval worlds) were like, I'd call upon 80s fantasy worlds like the ones seen in Labyrinth, Never-Ending Story or Legend:

Fantasy that boarders dreams and nightmares. Even though FFIX had a particularly unique artstyle(more SD friendly), you still saw that with some of the art and locations:

Stranger, that style of fantasy(especially that scene from Legend) reminds me a lot of something you'd see from Yoshitaka Amano's art. Dream-like, whispy, and somewhat nightmarish. Odd enough(and probably a literal inspiration), the villain in Legend looks a lot like Chaos(especially the massive horns). Maybe that's where Amano got his inspiration after all.

Ahem...It is highly unlikely (by all measures) that the Final Fantasy series will hit Nintendo's system. Microsoft paid a hefty amount to keep the Final Fantasy series on their system, including exclusive mod download content that Sony doesn't get, and they did that for a very good reason.

Microsoft has every intention to take the Final Fantasy series and make it exclusive, at least some of the main line games leaving Sony to fight over White Knight Story and the rest. Also, Lost Odyssey the series which would include any Lost Odyssey 2 is a first party Microsoft intellectual property. Whether you wish to acknowledge this or not, what the Wii U will be getting is mostly Kingdom Heart spinoffs and Last Story 2 with all the original FF creators. This is guaranteed to happen as MS is moving in stealthily to dethrone Nintendo wherever feasible.
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