If you are getting the Wii U 8gb, why?

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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#41
I want White. Also, I don't buy stuff from the eShop, so the Digital promotion is useless to me.
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User Info: raysnds1

5 years ago#42
i was probably third to order that day and could've been guranteed a premium console...but as pointed out..

*(at this moment) don't care for Ninty Land
*8 gig? no big deal...will pick up a 32 gb on black friday somewhere for 15$ guranteed
*I like the white better

also on top of that:
*going to Vegas in Dec = $$$
*purchased a new Sectional Couch for FR = $$$
*purchase a 5 Year Anniversery Ring for the Wifey = $$$
*getting a prius at first of the year = $$$

So my wallet is tapped out a little bit at this moment in time

User Info: Melkac

5 years ago#43
ShiftyCat posted...
#1. Nintendoland is stupid

#4. i dont plan on buying much online content from nintendo. i like to own games on disc

Say whaaa?

You mean THIS game (is stupid)?! http://gengame.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Metroid-Blast-Map-1.jpg

About number 4, what about indie games? >:C

User Info: Melkac

5 years ago#44
Whiteout_2 posted...
1. I don't give a flying **** about that Nintendoland garbage

2. I think the white model looks better...my username might give that away

3. I've never really had a huge game library with each console, so I don't need that extra space, and even if I do, cheap external hard drives aren't hard to find

4. lol like I'm ever going to use those plastic stands

5. $50 cheaper? Fine with me

6. The 32GB bundle was sold out anyway, it made the choice easier, and I'm not in a position to sit around and wait for them to become available again, now was the time to preorder

7. Nothing else about the 32GB bundle WOW'd me enough to warrant waiting for it, what else can I say

Actually, the "plastic stands" are charging stands :B

User Info: Elements012894

5 years ago#45
I may depending on the future shop trade in deal. If it only applies to 8gb then I'll get that. Otherwise I'm getting 32gb
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User Info: Jaime_Benn

5 years ago#46
I almost changed my deluxe pre-order to the white Wii U, but decided it's just a better value for the deluxe. I would have probably picked up Nintendo Land whenever it was on sale anyways, and the 32GB internal memory is pretty nice. Couldn't really care less about the cradle and vertical stand, but I may use them.

I figured that a 8GB to 32 GB is probably like a 10-15 difference, and who knows how long the game will stay at $60 and when it goes on sale and for how much. I would have preferred a white Wii U though.
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User Info: WalkingLobsters

5 years ago#47
i wish the black one was $300. I'm only getting the black one cuz it's black. But I'm going to get the WIi U next year, so hopefully by then they're the same price.
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User Info: Phange_2

5 years ago#48
Honestly I think if you're not interested in Nintendo Land, the Deluxe model really isn't worth it. Even 32 GB is paltry - either way I'd use a USB hard drive or a large SD card (I have both, by the way) for expanded storage. A controller dock and console stand would just gather dust for most people.

The one major argument for it is the inclusion into Nintendo's nebulous premium download service, but if this is the same Nintendo that promised the moon with the 3DS eShop and delivered... well.... not the moon, then I almost certainly would derive little if any value from it.

But most people, me included, were unable to pre-order the Deluxe because it was sold out, so we were left with the Basic one.
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User Info: nerifes88

5 years ago#49
ShiftyCat posted...

#4. i dont plan on buying much online content from nintendo. i like to own games on disc.

Pretty much this. As long as 8gb is plenty of space for save files (which it should be) I'll be fine with only 8.
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User Info: Phasmatis92

5 years ago#50
Because I don't need 32GB of memory; I don't plan on downloading Gamecube games, (I have all the ones I'm interested in already) and I don't buy many downloadable games in general, so why pay extra for something I don't need?
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