Nintendo missing the resolution mark again.

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User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#111
I would rather see graphics stay the same with a 60fps framerate being the must have target next gen.

Give me 720p 60fps with proper FXAA and I will be perfectly happy with next gen systems. I am tired of 20fps sub HD being the standard with so many games.
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User Info: Shinobi120

4 years ago#112
pixel378 posted...
PENDRAG0ON posted...
pixel378 posted...
PENDRAG0ON posted...
I'll stick with my 70" 1080p thank you very much.

Besides, by the time these hit mass market levels, Nintendo will be prepping a new system for launch.

You say that like its a good thing. Its not. Your statement only backs up that Nintendo is behind and Sony is thinking forward.

Sony's "forward" thinking is the reason they are almost bankrupt.

They have plenty other problems, they aren't just bleeding from the gaming division. They are actually making money on PS3's now, and have been for a while. The 600 dollar price tag is the thing that killed them, on top of the time it was released, right along the same timeline as the big US market crash. Big price correlating with big crash= big hole in your pocket.

I don't know what Sony will do, Maybe they will go just 4K, maybe they will appease to everybody and release 2 different models: A higher end 4K resolution one, and a lower end one thats less expensive. Like Nintendo, except their higher end model is just 32 GB (Less than my low end PS3 that's 6 years old) with Nintendo land.

Sony only has made a profit for FY 2010, & that's not even much. Their gaming division lost more money throughout the years of FY 2006 to FY 2009, & during FY 2011. The Super Slim PS3 will be the first time that they're making a real profit.

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#113
pancakegr8 posted...
I honestly could care less for 4K. I'm sure it looks nice but... whatever.

How much less could you care?
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User Info: Solis

4 years ago#114
darkjedilink posted...
Correct. So long as nothing else is changed in any way, which means no better AI, textures, framerate, AA, lighting, etc. Basically, they'd have to do nothing but uprender what we already have.

So, basically it would be like a typical Wii U game from what we've seen? People seem to be OK with that, going from this board.

I'd like for games to offer more graphical improvements of course, but the fact people seem to be missing is that not every game is going to be massively demanding on the hardware. Plenty are going to end up barely even stressing new consoles to the point where increasing the resolution wouldn't be much of a problem. Hell, just look at something like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: I wouldn't be surprised if CURRENT consoles could run that game at 4K!
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User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#115
Not this damn 4K resolution crap again. The PS4 will never smoothly run games at 4k resolutions natively.
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User Info: triple s

triple s
4 years ago#116
No console is going to use true 4k for a majority of their library for at least the next 10 years, guaranteed. Number one, this generation has lasted about 7 years and I can't really say it's ending seeing as Nintendo is kind of taking the Dreamcast approach(with much less of an advantage over the previous gen) Getting 1080p to be a standard is something they need to go for first before even thinking about 4k outside of arcade titles. Another thing is 4K is not going to take off anywhere near as fast as 720p/1080p/3D because most people buy a TV and stick with it for years and seeing as 1080p hasn't even became standard with broadcasting and such yet, I just don't see it happening.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#117
kinglink13 posted...
Theirs a difference, when 4k really starts happening it will be 2014, if the PS4 releases i will most likely be the only one doing it while the Wii U and Xbox 720 are 1080p, but it won't matter because no game next gen will be native 4k.

I'm pretty sure 4k won't truly start until 2015 or maybe even 2016. Even if it's $2500 in 2014, that's still not nearly cheap enough for average consumers to use it. And there will still be hardly an products that make use of it... not that it matters, since it less than 1% of people with TV's will have one. For gaming consoles it won't be necessary until the 9th generation... if there's going to be a 9th one.
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User Info: Rebel_G

4 years ago#118
I still can't tell the difference from HD & non HD, in fact, 9 times out of 10 I say non HD looks better, so I really don't care.

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User Info: vidalmoraza

4 years ago#119
720p and 1080p HDTVs are way far from standard around the world, and you expect 4k support? Current consoles can barely do 720p and I would hope next Xbox and Playstation can do 1080p native at least...

And you expect 4k support? LULZ

Very few computers can do 4k resolutions with high settings, and those computers are using hardware that consoles are gonna use in 10 years...
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#120
ThatPersonGuy posted...
Support doesn't mean created in.

Besides, I'm not going to spend 2,500 on a TV so I can what? Marvel on how I can see every hole on Spongebob's face? HD's the thing for now, and if I can't play my PS4 without paying 4,000 or more dollars, I'll stick to my Wii U.

3840x2160 content will look better on a 1080p TV than 1080p content.
Also, most games are "created in" multi-display setups with various resolutions and tools and widgets. Quake was, IIRC, created largely using a 1920x1080 monitor, actually.

FuzzyJello posted...
The question will be, though, if the 8th gen consoles can do steady 1440p to begin with. It's not too much to expect, but one foot in front of the other.

My mid-range PC can do 1440p at better settings and framerates than consoles can do 720p. I should hope that next gen is at least up to par with that.

Also, what's with people wanting consoles to be obsolete 1-2 years after they launch? I mean, sure, they aren't going to be cutting edge either way, but they can at least support a resolution that's going to be around for their later life cycle.
Also, lolz@SATA drives. You see, they make these things called "heat," which kills consoles.
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