Any new eShop games your excited for?

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User Info: PedroMontana

5 years ago#21
Nano Assault Neo will likely be my first Wii U download.
No More Heroes

User Info: ZvolTx

5 years ago#22
Cloudberry Kingdom!

I have advertised CK so much on these boards.
Ahh, another fine day of trolling.
"this game will be I survive" - MageGuyInfinity

User Info: Giygasminion

5 years ago#23
Trine 2 and Little Inferno are definitely the most exciting. I'm also going to try to go exclusively digital this generation (except for physical sales, like B2G1 Free), so I'll be downloading most of my library.

User Info: DBPanterA

5 years ago#24
ZvoLtx posted...
Cloudberry Kingdom!

I have advertised CK so much on these boards.

I know you have been pimping Cloudberry Kingdom. I looked into it and I remember this game had a different name back in June/July when I first saw some youtube video. There is no reason to purchase Rayman or Mario with this game on the eShop. Most people have no idea the challenge that this game will offer, and that to me is worth whatever price they place on the game.
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User Info: Virus66

5 years ago#25
If I already didn't have Might Switch Force, Mutant Mudds and Trine 2 on other platforms, I would consider it.

I don't think I'll jump for Cloudberry Kingdom, mostly because I don't like the bat-s*** crazy hard games that you can't make it through 2 seconds without dying.
Haven't seen anything on Little Inferno though, but World of Goo was amazing on the Wii so I would like to see more of what came out of their mind
Wasn't a fan of Toki Tori so I'll likely avoid 2.
Don't really have much interest in Nano Assault Neo. Is it just like any other dual stick shooter like Super Stardust or Geometry Wars?
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User Info: blinkfreak

5 years ago#26
Imperfect_Dark2 posted...
I will probably sit and stare and Trine 2's graphics for an hour before actually playing it.

So that.

Trine and Trine 2 are probably the only PS3 games that really "wowed" me graphically.
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