I preordered the wii U but

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User Info: NinjaGamer_23

5 years ago#1
I have to pay off the wii u preorder when so many awesome games are coming out like halo 4, AC3, dishonored, xcom and 3ds and vita games also.

Every fall it'sthe same thing..

User Info: Foppe

5 years ago#2
Can you play all those games at the same time?
Will they all sell out in stores?
Why not buy some of them later?
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User Info: DBPanterA

5 years ago#3
It's called saving your money.

Everyone knows by this point that 85% of all the AAA or good games come out in the Fall to take advantage of the changing weather outside as well as the holiday shopping season.

Just have to save after the holidays until this time to be able to take the hit. . .
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User Info: Lemmywinks13

5 years ago#4
Buy at Wal Mart. Keep the receipt. Keep an eye out on sales over the next three months. Buy the game again, take that one back to Wal Mart with your receipt to get the full price back. You will save $20-$30 on every game this way. Never pay full price for a game again!

User Info: kdognumba1

5 years ago#5
Shop smart. If you have a limited wallet, buy what will be hard to get at a later date first. In the case of the Wii U, if the preorders mean anything, it could be hard to get a hold of later if you don't get it off the back. Games like Halo4, Dishonored, and AC3 will be uber easy to find at a later date. More so, smaller retail games, especially JRPG's tend to disappear early on, so if you're looking at any on 3DS and Vita in particular, it may be wise to get those right off the back, even more so then the Wii U as the Wii U will continue selling several years down the line as well (though it may be hard to find Wii U's shortly after to a year after launch).
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User Info: NinjaGamer_23

5 years ago#6
I already planned on not buying those games at launch, most of the titles that are released drop price quickly.

I buy atlus titles quickly as possible due to limited print run, aka code of princesses which comes out this tuesday.

User Info: mcnichoj

5 years ago#7
Minimum of six "good" games come out every month, it's always been like this so deal with it.
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User Info: jackorhoads

5 years ago#8
TC what I normally do is wait it out. Like with Resi 6 - I know its going to drop in price due to terrible reviews + alot of trade ins so ill get it half price by Dec/Jan time. Normally thats the case with top games...unless your counting Nintendo 1st party ones lol
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User Info: fon1988

5 years ago#9
I usually get Nintendo games when they first release because they rarely ever drop down in price.

Other games that I want usually drop to less than half price 6 months after they come out, thats when I decide to get them.
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