Will Nintendo finally give us a good rated M franchise?

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User Info: Sol_Clyde

4 years ago#21
T3H_1337_N1NJ4 posted...
Don't worry, when you hit a psychologically mature age you'll grow back into it again.

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User Info: Aiddon

4 years ago#22
they might publish M-rated titles, but they aren't interested in developing them. Probably for very good reasons.

User Info: ColorfulColors

4 years ago#23
Endgame posted...
Will Nintendo finally give us a good

quality? from Iwata's Nintendo?!

don't get your hopes up

Blind bashing for no reason. Classic.
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User Info: DerekRoss

4 years ago#24
Zodryn posted...
Do you mean a Nintendo IP that's rated M? (not something like No More Heroes or Red Steel or other 3rd party games) If that's the case, why not just ask for a new IP in general? It's not like making it M rated will make it amazing somehow. They could have easily made Twilight Princess or Metroid Prime 3 M rated just by adding some blood and gore, but it wouldn't have made them better games.

And I'm sorry, but you "grew out of Zelda" because it's not "mature"? So somehow the exploration, puzzles, combat, dungeons etc don't suit you only because the game is rated E or T? I am an adult, and I will never grow tired of Metroid or Zelda. For that matter, I just recently played Kirby's Return to Dream Land for the first time, and I loved every minute of both my normal and extra mode playthroughs. Just because a game's rating is mature, doesn't mean the game is mature. It just means it helps to be desensitized to certain things before playing it.

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User Info: TheFallenPriest

4 years ago#25
DerekRoss posted...
I have grew out of Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Mario years ago. I need something that is more realistic and mature. This is the only reason why the Wii U is still skeptical to me.

The only immature thing here is this post. A game is only good if its gory has cussing and possibly nudity? This is shallow mindedness. If this is how you rate games or base how mature they are then it shows immaturity from you.
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