Question for PS3 and Xbox360 owners......

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User Info: Dragonfist17

5 years ago#71
Not touching this system on launch, though, ZombieU does look pretty interesting, but one game doesn't make me want to buy a console.

User Info: MC_STAAVY

5 years ago#72
Always been a huuuuuge fan of Nintendo and I'm not stopping now. Not many good games are announced right now. But it's a Ninty console, so we are pretty much guranteed Mario, Zelda and Super f***ing awesome Smash Bros! Seriously, I've been wanting an HD/decent graphics Zelda game ever since this gen started. It's been waaaaay too long and man I want that s***! Plus, there's a good chance that Metroid will get another game for U and maybe Donkey Kong Country. Also Pikmin 3 is nice to see after 8 or so years of nothing. Yeah there's gonna be a lot of waiting for these games, but I'm sure it will be another awesome system!
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User Info: Banjo2553

5 years ago#73
Inevitable first-party offerings and the third-party exclusives so far.

Though I guess this shouldn't apply to me since I was a Nintendo-only user until very recently. I am quite enjoying my PS3 so far though.
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User Info: JCourChesNe

5 years ago#74
I'm pretty sure I'm getting one. Mostly because I don't have a Wii, yet own a few wii games that I really wanted. May as well wait for the Wii U and play it on that.

User Info: caffiend7

5 years ago#75
BurgerTime79 posted...
I'm getting one because I don't limit myself to just one system or pick sides.

Same here.
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User Info: GigaVolts

5 years ago#76
I want a Wii U but can't get it at launch.

I am a PS3 owner
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User Info: hobobelmont

5 years ago#77
I have a Wii and PS3.

Not getting it release day. If I get it off the wait list before Christmas then I'll pick it up for Nintendo Land to play with the family. Otherwise I'll wait until I've gotten bored of the glut of fighters that came out this last year since I haven't gotten to put much time into them.

User Info: Pendragoon

5 years ago#78
I'm getting one because the PS3 exclusive releases are drying up and the 360 dried up years ago. With the Wii U I have a new console and at launch there are 10 games I want to get, that is an amazing launch lineup.

Due to Sony's financial situation I will not be getting a PS4 until 3-4 years into it's life unless something truly amazes me. I also will not be buying the 720 until MS shows me that they actually still care about core gamers.

I'll be building a gaming PC in a year or two as well, so I may skip on Sony and Microsoft altogether if they fail to impress and just wait for end of generation firesales.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

5 years ago#79
I'm buying one because I think the U Tablet will be the next evolution in controller design, perhaps a bigger leap than analog sticks and should buttons.
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User Info: rudgerlight

5 years ago#80
I own a lot of systems and games, so I don't see a reason to stop now. I'll probably buy the next Sony system without too much thought (though maybe not at launch - waaaaay too early to tell). Microsoft's two-way advertising is creepy as hell and shows them moving a completely different direction than either Sony or Nintendo, but not in an even mildly interesting (or game related) way.

It offers new features, some of which are ideal for my personal home theater setup. I own a projector which takes time to turn on, so a controller that will let me scroll through programs and games without (or while) the projecting turning on will be awesome and hopefully function better than the PS3 and 360 menus (I actually like the Wii's Netflix, but you know....standard def). Seriously, I plan to sell my friends on the Wii U with TVii alone....assuming I can make it work easily.

My Wii's component output also crapped out. Still unsure why, so the HDMI port on the Wii U will be nice even just for my Wii games alone.

I also live with 4 girls. It's very difficult to get them to play a lot of 360 or PS3 games, but mention Mario and they get excited (or Boom Blox. That one was an easy sell). Plus there just aren't that many great local multiplayer games for 360 and PS3 (please, don't hesitate to suggest things - I have LBP2).

Overall though, I want to cancel Live before my subscription is up again, so any extra reason to leave is great. I've switched over to the PS3 for all streaming needs, but ultimately it's online isn't always reliable (it's a launch PS3) and the store is simply a chore to navigate. I hope the Wii U brings with it its own innovations but also pushes Sony to improve.

Also, since they first announced Miiverse, I've been planning on using the Wii U as my home phone since it will do video and voice chat. Obviously not for everyone to call me with, but some of my friends and family as I know they too will get Wii Us. Plus Miiverse = less time on gamefaqs......sorry.

....too much?
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