VERY FIRST Wii U game you're getting?

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User Info: ColorfulColors

4 years ago#1
Besides Nintendoland.
NSMBU for me. (sue me)
I Never Got Console Wars. They're Just Game Companies. Whats The Difference?

User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#2
CANT DECIDE!! either NSMBU or ZombiU

User Info: ZBug_

4 years ago#3
Zombi u. I preordered it.
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User Info: Based_God1

4 years ago#4
Pikmin 3, unless ZombiU gets good reviews when the full game is released
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User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#5
"Time to get more condiments, cus that weaksauce ain't happenin'!" - Luffy (None Piece)
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User Info: Newnie

4 years ago#6
GT & PSN - Newnie
Legend in the making.

User Info: DrDoomsday

4 years ago#7
I'm getting alot of launch titles day one, 18 i think, i like having variety for a system and hope to see how these games play on the Wii U, ZombieU for sure i'm playing first
I play my WiiPS 360, and 3DSP

User Info: MarioMan847

4 years ago#8
Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U, if I have the money by then.
Video games are awesome.

User Info: droberts753

4 years ago#9
ZombiU. But if AC3 gets confirmed as a UK launch game, I'll get that too.
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User Info: HaxMega

4 years ago#10
I already have NSMBU preordered and will be picked up with the system. I also have Sonic & All Stars Racing and Rayman on order from Newegg. I'm trying to decide on another game/point card/controller.
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