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User Info: Nintendo316T

5 years ago#1

Note: This is the same across all consoles and it creates an account for you if you didn't already have one.
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User Info: CloudStrife630

5 years ago#2
So...old news...

User Info: blundermine

5 years ago#3
EA sure like to protect the stuff.
So if Nintendo changed the name of the Wii - U, would they be pulling a U-Wii?

User Info: RetroFanGirl

5 years ago#4
Thankfully they stopped making/publishing anything I was interested in since TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

User Info: parkourboybryan

5 years ago#5
I'll worry about this if/when they decide to greenlight Mirror's Edge 2.

Although I really don't care, I'd expect the same thing to happen for PS4 and 720.
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User Info: 40Dribylf

5 years ago#6
Yeah, I can't imagine buying an EA product in the future that's not Mass Effect related

Man, it sucks that EA bought Bioware, ugh.
I am hip

User Info: Eoin

5 years ago#7
Yeah, EA games requiring their own account outside of whatever other online infrastructure that a system has is nothing new. It's the reason why it took so long for EA games to be online on Xbox (some people may remember the weird situation where even though Xbox Live existed, EA games were online on PS2 but not on Xbox). It's annoying but it's not major hassle and not different from other machines, and was probably inevitable given Nintendo's apparent almost total hands-off approach to online.

User Info: Helmsly2008

5 years ago#8
Nintendo should of not allowed them to do this.

User Info: Eoin

5 years ago#9
Helmsly2008 posted...
Nintendo should of not allowed them to do this.

Microsoft tried that with the Xbox and the result was that EA just didn't allow online in their Xbox games at all. That was early in the online era for consoles, and lack of online in some of the major third-party multiplatform games was enough to make Microsoft give in. Nowadays online is far more important. If EA games on Wii U were offline (particularly the sports games), then anyone with another console would just buy one of the other versions.

User Info: sknmak

5 years ago#10
EA isn't the only game company to do this. This certainly isn't new to gaming and EA has been doing this for years.....yes YEARS. Same setup just a different name [Origin]. This is new to Nintendo gamers. I understand the Wii online wasn't advanced as the other two consoles. Devs like EA, Ubi has focused more on their own internal services. I personally don't like this idea. Mostly due to the fact that the servers can be unstable. Meaning that if EA servers go down you can't play all modes of the game until the servers come back up. Especially if cloud saving is into play. I have no plans on purchasing any EA games either so this doesn't affect me. Still it's nothing new. EA always wants all of your information.
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