Nintendo's new Wii U ad fails to reach the "Core" gaming audience

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User Info: MarikoNumber35

5 years ago#21
NiftyManZ posted...
This is copy pasta...

because no it is not.
"You're a liar!"
-Lucy / Nyu / Queen Diclonius-

User Info: DrRM

5 years ago#22
KEN181 posted...
"Hardcore" gamers don't watch advertisments or TV

I don't watch TV at all... well ones every 2 weeks I think
"He aqui mi secreto, que no puede ser mas simple : solo con el corazon se puede ver bien; lo esencial es invisible para los ojos."

User Info: DaMan1900

5 years ago#23
i want to like this system but i have yet to see anything new or exciting to get me to slap down at minimum $410. I want the system because its new but i would just buy it and leave it in the corner like i did with the wii after getting bored of mario galaxy :/
Ex Sony Fanboy

User Info: Melkac

5 years ago#24
"Nintendo's new Wii U ad fails to reach the 'Core' gaming audience"

That's because core gamers don't watch commercials, casuals do. We have IGN, Twitter and whatnot for all that.
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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#26
MarikoNumber35 posted...
See Nintendo said a few months ago: "We want to aim at the core audience demographic and get them back after we lost them with the wii."

but yet the people in their new ad for the Wii U are:

families playing together (wii again)
little kids under 10 playing (wii again)
old people playing (wii again)

Yes, everyone knows core gamers consist solely of single, 20-30 year olds with no friends or family. - Watch me beat "GEN Alien Soldier" - My backloggery

User Info: overkillwfo1978

5 years ago#27
Hardcore gamers minds were made up one way or the other before the ad ever aired. Hardcore gamers do research on the web, know all about the games and specs and have seen all of the E3 footage and screenshots.... hence "hardcore". A tv ad means nothing to these people. They already know about Zombie U, Ninja Gaiden, AC3.. ect.

The only demographic they need to market to with tv ads are the people who don't do this research, or the casuals.

It's funny that people on Gamefaqs think they are better at marketing than the company that absolutely TROUNCED the competion last gen.
"Then we figured out that we could just park them in front of the tv, that's how I was raised, and I turned out tv"

User Info: Cait

5 years ago#28
You are so... What's the right word? Wrong. I am in my 30s, my dad got us into gaming. My brother used to stay up on weekends to play games. You can not or should you ever judge how much or little based on the type or the age of a person. By the time, I'm an really old woman, it will be quite common for a large amount of old people to be playing. What they wanted to show was a large variety of people playing the wii- u and they did, too. A young adult or teenager is not the core audience, but people who love gaming. I love games, have quite a bit, too. Real "core" gamers bought a wide range of games from puzzles, side strollers, action, RPGs ... They didn't avoid games by using the word, "causal", if it was fun and challenging, they bought it. That dad might play a lot of fps when he's not playing with his son.... Truth is, you couldn't and wouldn't know that. I'm not saying it was the best, I've seen better, but it said what they meant it to.
Thanks to my dislike of Final Fantasy XIII, I looked back on ALL Final Fantasy games and now which one I like for what reason. Angry blame XIII.
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