Anyone going Wii-U only next gen?

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User Info: Mindwipe77

5 years ago#1
It's hard to imagine only sticking to one console with so many great games exclusive to other systems, but it would sure be alot easier to manage and cheaper. Still i cant pass up the other systems...arrg..
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User Info: ashcrv

5 years ago#2
Me. I hate the PS4 rumors and Sony forcing 3D and 4k and who knows what on us and I don't trust Microsoft anymore.

User Info: raysnds1

5 years ago#3
probably....i was a Wii user only for most of its life as well...

but never say never.....who knows...

User Info: ADHDguitar

5 years ago#4
Yes. I might get the 720 once Halo 5 comes out, but only if its good enough.

User Info: Gamer0561

5 years ago#5
Not planning on only Wii-U but I can't say I'm getting a Nextbox or PS4 without any info on said systems.

User Info: S_Fox

5 years ago#6
Yep, 3DS and Wii U. The xbox has disappointed me and I've never really been a sony guy. I do have the PS2 though.
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User Info: Virus66

5 years ago#7
Maybe. It depends on how much Sony is going to force 4k or 16gb or RAM. Seriously don't need the extra cost attached to something I'll never use and will likely never be supported. If people really think that the console will NEED or even USE that much RAM, they need to have their head checked. If the console ends up being more than $400, then I'm not getting it.
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User Info: genlock

5 years ago#8
I'm going PC and waiting to see all the next gen consoles. I don't really need all of them for any reason. Least likely pickup is the NextBox.
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User Info: cddumdodo

5 years ago#9
I'll stick with the Wii U, all i have from the last gen is an Xbox 360. Its too expensive to keep multiple systems.

User Info: Kaibrei

5 years ago#10
I'm moving to Wii U and Xbox only. Sony is hostile to paying customers and I refuse to be treated like a criminal. With the removal of Linux and the addition of Cinavia it made my PS3 a little less useful each time.

I'm no longer allowed to run another OS which was a promised selling point of the console and I'm not allowed to rip my own DVDs to my server and play them back on my console. When this generation started I loved my PS3 but as time went on they continued to make it harder and harder to like them. So long as Sony continues to punish paying customers because of the actions of a few I will be skipping future Sony consoles. It is a shame though because they have some great games available.
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