Name one positive of the Wii U and one negative

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User Info: AwesomeOSauce

4 years ago#41
Pros New Nintendo console! = new Nintendo AAA games.

CONS Bad online network most likely and poor 3rd party support.
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User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#42
Melkac posted...
Icecreamdunwich posted...
Good luck with what? Not using a Wii U pad? Not really difficult according to users on this board, I should be able to use a Pro Pad and have it last '50 hours on a single charge" due to the lack of Rumble.

Don't forget a lot of games will use the GamePad intensively.

Go figure.

There will be options to not use it, hell look at ZombiU: most extensive use and even it allows you to use a Wii remote.
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User Info: Linetrix

4 years ago#43
Pro: With so many cons and no hype it will be easy to impress.

Con: Well, everything. Terrible controller with a pathetic battery life. Too many different controllers. No 3rd party support. No online. HDD space is also pathetic. Too expensive for such ancient tech it offers.
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User Info: mistermerk

4 years ago#44

- Nintendo first-party games in HD

- Wii U GamePad potential innovative gameplay

- increased third-party support over the Wii


- Current gen graphics/power

- Online functionalities will lag behind the 720/Ps4

- Not as much third-party support as the other consoles.

User Info: cvmckenzie

4 years ago#45
Pro: new nintendo console promises great first party support AND REAL third party support.

Con: new influx of dudebro gamers promise to complain about nintendo titles not having enough blood and tit physics to be hardcore AAA games.

It's a fair trade for me only having to have one console this gen. I always like most of the nintendo stuff a lot, but i'm mostly excited because i can get the proper versions of cod, nfs, aliens and the like while also getting added features through the gamepad and off tv play.

I know bethesda, thq and taketwo havent come around yet, but most everyone else has jumped on board with nintendo and thats a nice change of pace when compared to the dumbed down railshooters that made owning a 360 or ps3 almost mandatory this gen.
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User Info: ajko000

4 years ago#46
Positive: Pikmin 3!!!! And other great new titles that Nintendo doesn't ruin (hopefully). Unfortunately the software is the only thing I'm looking forward to.

Negative: It's overpriced, terribly designed, and might as well just be an add-on to the Wii, rather than an oversized controller.
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User Info: Dasendrix

4 years ago#47
Icecreamdunwich posted...
Just to prove that I'm not a troll, let's have a civil discussion on pros and flaws of the console.

Pro: Nintendo games in HD, finally!
Con: None of the controller options are 'good' in my opinion.
Wii Remote: poor
Classic Controller Pro: Decent
Pro Pad: Very poor button and analog placement
Contrablet: Same problems as the Pro pad with the added problem of having a wide controller

Discuss and propose, I will not be responding to trolls however.

Have you tried the controllers? Because the WiiU Gamepad is VERY comfortable and surprisingly light. I haven't got my hands on the Pro pad though, but it seemed at least as comfy than the gamepad.

User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

4 years ago#48
Icecreamdunwich posted...
Sakurafanboy posted...
Pro: Since people are comparing it to the DS, that means it'll have an excellent library of games!

Con: ...There's a chance Nintendo will slip too much into the FPS market...):

'FPS' games can be fun, just because a game has a first person view and you can shoot doesn't mean it's bad. Examples:

System Shock 2
Deus Ex
Deus Ex Human Revolution

I think Nintendo will make a good first party FPS game eventually, the market is there. I just don't like them on consoles.

Reggie has stated that Nintendo's developers don't really care for making, "Mature" games, so I wouldn't expect Ninty to make a FPS any time soon (which is great for me. The only shooters I like are found in arcades or are on rails. In other words, stuff like Galaga and Star Fox ) Anyways.

Pro - It's a Nintendo console. I haven't been disappointed with 'em before (closest was N64 ), don't expect to be disappointed now.

Con - It wasn't called the Super Wii Nintedo Entertainment System (Super Wii for short )
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User Info: Trinity11191

4 years ago#49
Yeah, they had a WiiU hooked up at a local Gamestop and I got to play a Rayman Legends demo

Needless to say, the controller is very comfortable in your grip and is surprisingly light.

I've never played a Rayman game, but I was, frankly, blown away by the crisp, smooth, colorful graphics and play style.

I got addicted to it after one use, kind of like crack.

User Info: SullyTheStrange

4 years ago#50
At least this a troll tactic I haven't seen recently. Get them to post good and bad, only agree with and reinforce the bad... you basically got em to troll for you. More subtle than your usual game.
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