Name one positive of the Wii U and one negative

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User Info: FlyinTonite

5 years ago#71
Pro: nintendo in hd
Con: still not convinced they upped their online mp game.
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User Info: XXShadowLinkXX

5 years ago#72
This is my main two.

Pro: Zelda Wii U (will be the greatest game we've ever known for sure if they get it right)
Con: Nagging feeling in me that Nintendo are playing massive catch-up on everything but innovation.
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User Info: Board_hunter567

5 years ago#73
Pro: It's a new console that offers unique experiences that, so far, seem worthwhile. What's not to love?
Con: Too many unknowns.

User Info: egglink

5 years ago#74
Pro: A new console to look forward to.
Con: Not the strongest line up of launch games.
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User Info: liu_beigel

5 years ago#75
jmichaelbp posted...
Pro - Made by my wife China ^J^.

Con - Doesn't come with VODKAAAAAAA~.

Ivan Braginski is that you? :D


Pro- promising launch line up, able to play off screen (to avoid being kicked off by non-gamer room mates)
cons- Waiting for games like SSB and pikmin 3, no gamecube controller support.

Either way, I'm excited. :D
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User Info: LightAngelTora

5 years ago#76
Pro - Excellent gameplay opportunities.
Cons - Multi Game Pad support (can't really even run 2 with out fps dropping).

That being said, I'm so excited. I played the Rayman Legends demo at Best Buy for the first time today, and it was outstanding.

User Info: domranguay

5 years ago#77
- New console that is more powerful than the PS3/360 (even if it isn't by much)
- Nintendo's games are usually good
- Third party support seems to be strong
- The new controller has potential if used right by devs
- Has other controller options so, as long as the game allows it, you can use the best setup for you
- Nintendo seem to have taken online play and the store more seriously this time
- It is apparently quite good for indie devs in comparison to the current consoles

- The next Playstation and X-Box might be too far ahead for the Wii U to get full ports (though, that's not looking likely atm)
- Third party support might drop off if the games don't do well enough
- The gamepad will probably be overused in some games, barely used in others and some will have badly thought out uses that make the game worse, hopefully the last one doesn't happen too often
- The name may cause confusion for people who do no research, like parents at christmas
- The name (and the fact it's made by Nintendo) has caused some people who consider themselves "hardcore" to think it is weak and for kids

Bonus con:
- The large number of over-sensitive fanboys have made this board an easy target for trolls and opposing fanboys

User Info: motorazrv3xxx

5 years ago#78
Pros- NSMBU and Smash 4

Cons- That there are only two pros :/
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User Info: mashu

5 years ago#79
Pro: Monolith Soft
Con: Not enough RPGs announced yet

User Info: Steve-French

5 years ago#80
Pro: HD, better online (supposedly), and more 3rd party support.
Cons: The name, no analog triggers
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