Wii U fans, which next gen console do you want to compliment your future Wii U?

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  3. Wii U fans, which next gen console do you want to compliment your future Wii U?

User Info: Joey2cool

5 years ago#11
Definitely PS4. Much like Nintendo, I like the many first-party titles it has to offer much more than Microsoft.
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User Info: uneedtowakeup

5 years ago#12
1 console is enough.

We have too many spoilt brats it seems.

We are in a recession you know geez...

User Info: jillwarren

5 years ago#13
I'll let you know after we know anything about new consoles.
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User Info: Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX

5 years ago#14
ps4 if I even get that since the ps3 was the biggest letdown for me. Im done with xbox after this gen I can live without halo and fable was ruined. I could care less about gears alan wake forza etc if xbox even has any other exclusives. I think I might just go nintendo next gen with the wii-u.
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User Info: draemsu

5 years ago#15
Possibly neither. I don't like most video games.
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User Info: Soeroah

5 years ago#16
PS4, but I really, really hope I can at LEAST use PS3 discs on it without having to repurchase games I already bought.
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User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

5 years ago#17
uneedtowakeup posted...

We are in a recession you know geez...

Not down here in Florida. It seems that we have come up with a plan to get through the recession; pretend it doesn't exist and expand like it ain't nobody's business. At least where I live we are...

Seriously. I swear I see something new being built everyday... We're growing despite the fact that we're supposed to have negative growth 0_o

Anyways, the only thing that's gonna compliment my Wii U is probably the 3ds...
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User Info: Artillatron7

5 years ago#18
PS4. As long as it's not $600 again. Never cared about xbox.
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User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

5 years ago#19
where is the option for neither? if i had to choose one though it would most likely be a PS4 cause i have always been more fond of sonys exclusives than microsofts.
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User Info: itsmeaustin

5 years ago#20
PS4, but I'm looking to build a good gaming PC.

I'm never buying another microsoft console again
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