Skyward Sword > Skyrim, didn't need 2 gigs of ram OR HD Graphics!

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User Info: El_Zaggy

5 years ago#91
Phange 2 posted...
Also, an Elder Scrolls game would be amazing on Wii U because the Gamepad would be excellent for inventory management.

And anyone who complains about Skyrim's bugs is just a pedantic fool. For a game of such extreme scope and breadth, it's astonishing that it's as polished as it is.

Like I want so much to look down at a screen to manage my inventory... 0 immersion. I like to manage stuff without immersion breaker like this.

That is why I dont like motion controls, Thats is like I dont like the screen on the wii u either.

And those who complain about the bugs in Skyrim. Take a look at the game thec, and at what the game can do. Skyrim is all about giving freedom, and giving freedom to players in a game is hard without bugs.

Now take a look at zelda, It's more like taking away freedom for you. Now now it's easy to make a game without boundaries that binds the players, the npc and the enemies to a certain very closed pattern, in a very closed area.

But were not talking about the same age group either. Zelda is and was always intebnded to be childish type of game while the elder scroll can deal with more mature stuff, war, political, violent darker stuff. I wont say TES is the most mature game I ever played (Witcher series gets the gold here), but it is more than Zelda.

User Info: TheFallenPriest

5 years ago#92
I used to prefer skyrim... and then I took an arrow to the knee
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User Info: Phange_2

5 years ago#93
Skyrim is phenomenal at finding ways to sweep you into unsuspecting adventure. A journey to retrieve a stranger's sword gets you caught up in a bandit civil war. Helping a random citizen shake his cowardice results in you being swept inside the hilariously random mind of Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. There's at least two hundred hours' worth of quests to do, and they're all fun.

The murderous little girl at the Dark Brotherhood.... cracks me up every time.
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User Info: jmichaelbp

5 years ago#94
Carter Blake wants to sing a song for you TC:
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls... it tolls for thee." - In memory of Chuck, the wisest boxcar hobo of all time from Telltale's The Walking Dead.

User Info: bensybob

5 years ago#95
I swear this bug talk is all absolute bull or I'm just really lucky, I had Skyrim since launch on the PS3 and I've sunk hundreds of hours in across about 4 different characters, I honest to god don't think I ever have encountered a glitch or bug, I've frozen once or twice but no glitches, its one of my favourite games!
Also with Oblivion on PS3 I had no glitches but that was the GotY edition which I got in 2010, albeit second hand, though they would have patched it then.
Haven't played SS but I have played most other Zeldas, they're completely different beasts that can't really be compared!

User Info: Solid_SOAP

5 years ago#96
They're too different to compare. I prefer Zelda because I like a rigid storyline and relateable/fun characters but come on, you might as well compare Mass Effect with Metroid just because they both take place in space, it doesn't work.

User Info: DakhanavarX

5 years ago#97
I award this awful topic, two golf claps.

*clap* *clap*
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

5 years ago#98
Are people seriously arguing that Zelda is better because it has less bugs? Zelda could use a lot more bugs because it could use a lot more content. There is less to do in the entirety of Zelda than their is in any region of Skyrim. The game is barren as hell, uninteresting in terms of story or lore, is not dynamic at all, has terrible graphics, terrible and shallow combat compared even to SKYRIM which at least has a ton of interesting combat setups and is inferior in almost every way except for the fact that they have Link and Ganon.

Give Link and Ganon to Bethesda or Capcom and they would make a Zelda game that doesn't just coast on the franchise alone. There is nothing gameplay wise, story wise, graphics wise or exploration wise about SS that makes it special compared to the competition.
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User Info: TrueBlue91

5 years ago#99
PrinceOfHot posted...
Besides Bethesda games are all BORING...crap stories, fake-epic-hyping, sub-medicore combat systems...its like the opposite of a great zelda adventure.

This is the perfect way to describe Skyward Sword (lol)
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

5 years ago#100
Well Zelda targets those at a 3rd grade literacy level so a lot of GFaqs people will think Zelda has a better story because they don't even know what Skyrim is about. Hell CoD has a better story than Zelda.

And gameplay? Skyrim Gameplay is way better. So many different classes and combinations, stealth is always fun, enemies are far more varied and battles are way less predictable and boring. The game actually takes quite a bit of skill in comparison to Zelda as well.

If you like swinging away randomly and killing everything, then again, you would like Zelda.
GT: ZiiX360 PSN: BoxFighter85
PC: i7 930@4Ghz | EX58 UD5 | GTX 460 SLI | 8GB DDR3 | 500GB Spinpoint | Vertex 2 180 SSD | Cooler Master HAF X | VG236H
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