Wii U graphics.

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User Info: Oni_Taedo

5 years ago#31
Icecreamdunwich posted...
Ni no Kuni looks great the Ghibli art style is anything but a con lol.

I feel bad for you if you can't appreciate Borederlands 2, such a great series, easily one of the best to come out of this generation.

Yeah Sonic Generations is great looking, that's another game that looks better than Wonderful101, Sonic Unleashed as well.

Ni no Kuni does look great, but I just can't stand the generic animu art. It's not bad, but I've seen every single Ghibli film, with the exception of Ponyo, and I've grown weary of the art style. Mind you Miyazaki will always be a legend in film making, and his work on Lupin the III and classics like Spirited away will always be treasured.

I don't find shooting mindless drones in a boring desert to be very fun.
And someone thought it would be a great idea to mix FPS and RPG elements together, both genres suck, it's the same reason why we don't mix fighting games with racing elements, it just doesn't work.

And yeah, Sega, they know their stuff.
I mean, hell, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Heroes, and even 06 looked pretty good for their time (okay, maybe not 06, but if it were a PS2 title, it'd be one of the better looking ones). Even then SART looks to have some minor graphical tweaks on the U.
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User Info: Tottentanz

5 years ago#32
720p running smooth 30-60fps, 4 screen split screen on the tv with a fifth screen on the new controller with 1/60th of a second delay(almost non existent), no frame drops, clear and crisp images on all screens, need I go on?

That is just Nintendo Land with pretty much a bunch of attractions to show off how devs can use the system.

I have gamed on the 360, and it chugged at splitting the screen in half and dropping the res below 540p(my friend's 360 predates 2007{went through 5 RRoDs so far} if you know the significance of that year).

Yeah, then there is Wonderful101 which is eye poppingly beautiful with tons of detail.

Then there are several devs stating that their games flat out cant run on the PS360 and would require them to drop stuff to do so.

Then there is the Ubisoft group for Legends and comments about the differences between the characters in Origin and Legends on top of the other stuff about the system running their game with the uncompressed data(capable of doing movies comments everyone remembers, right?).

Yeah, the graphics are fine, and you should stop worrying about it. The U will be a valid third party dev option for years, and the laughable people who believe third parties will suddenly go through some magic next gen leap are delusional at best. It is going to take a lot of cash and time to push past the U, and anyone who loves gaming knows that publishers prefer the least amount of effort for the greatest reward otherwise Madden would not look like a train wreck every year with promised fixes for the next year each year.

User Info: tizzywilkillyou

5 years ago#33
helzefeld posted...
Just keep in mind that 1-2 years from now you won't believe what this snd the other new consolesare capable of. Trust me Wii U has not been tapped for it's full potential yet. This is just the beginning!

I'm skeptical of this claim that we "wouldn't believe" what see from consoles in 1-2 years. Keep in mind that all generation 8 consoles will be weaker than currently high-end PC hardware. Yes, games and engines will evolve and improve... but to the point that we "won't believe it?"

Lots of people are setting themselves up for lots of disappointment.
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Final Fantasy2389 5 years ago#34
From: VGAddict90 | #001
Every system has had launch games that look better than their predecessors.

No they haven't. Stahp lion!
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User Info: Icecreamdunwich

5 years ago#35
From: Oni_Taedo | #031
I don't find shooting mindless drones in a boring desert to be very fun.
And someone thought it would be a great idea to mix FPS and RPG elements together, both genres suck, it's the same reason why we don't mix fighting games with racing elements, it just doesn't work.

You didn't make it very far in the game did you? The setting changes pretty drastically. #2 the setting is even more diverse.

And apparently people don't agree with you, as games like Fallout 3 and Borderlands sell very well. FPRPGs are here to stay

User Info: enjoines

5 years ago#36
why don't you all just shut up and wait for Zelda, Mario Galaxy3 or Bayonetta 2?

nintendo has proved before that art style, design and gameplay > horsepower
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

5 years ago#37
knightimex posted...
VGAddict90 posted...
Is it a bad sign that the launch games for the Wii U aren't much better than PS360 games? Every system has had launch games that look better than their predecessors.

Do you not understand the concept of diminishing returns to economic value ratio?
You want serious good graphics.
Expect to pay no less than $500 for the bare bones version.

This console scrub clearly is talking out of his ass. The Wii U doesn't look impressive because Nintendo is never that great with providing good value for hardware, but in this case, I would say a lot of the cost is being also eaten by the Tablet controller.

You are essentially running two screens at a time.

For less than $500, you can build a gaming PC that would DESTROY the Wii U. Anything the Wii U can play on Low and medium, a $500 PC could play in 1080p on high to max settings. A console could produce even more power for that price because they mass produce set hardware and that hardware is utilized much more efficiently due to it being fixed.

Diminishing returns my ass. I have a gaming laptop and it looks head and shoulders above current consoles even though those games are mostly console focused ports. When console hardware steps up, people will spend real money and tech on the next generation visuals (sad for PC gamers but engines are not build for them anymore so that is what limits how good PC games look). Expect Cryengine 2 and UE4 to bring true next generation visuals.
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User Info: El_Zaggy

5 years ago#38
We all know that Wii U is a cheap console for the poor. It wont support futures gaming like the ps4/720.

We also all know that a mid range pc with a mid range video card (nvidia 450,550,650) can destroy a Wii U easily.

No need to argue about anything. It's not like it will run special games. The same old zelda and mario games that refuse to evolve.

You buy a Wii U because you want to play the same games over and overs, there is no other reason.

User Info: evillocke

5 years ago#39
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User Info: aether17

5 years ago#40
Icecreamdunwich posted...
Yeah, but the CPU is supposedly weaker (not just in clock speed, don't pull that nonsense) which creates a bottleneck.

I guess you're ignoring the part where that developer clearly stated that they still don't know the full extent of the CPU. Those guys are rushing to get their game to meet the launch date. Brute-forcing a game to run with a lower clocked CPU without optimizing it correctly with how it works will make it seem like it's performing less than another CPU it was correctly optimized for. Clock speed isn't the problem. I don't know how people are even believing that any part of Wii U is on par or weaker than the PS3 or 360. You just don't find anything "new" nowadays which will be weaker. IBM even stated that it will be using an all-new multicore processor in Wii U. That much is enough to ensure better performance. (If you optimize it correctly)
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